4 Considerations When Choosing Custom Framing for Office Spaces

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A lot of thought goes into decorating corporate spaces. The décor in professional spaces can be inspiring to employees, but it’s important to impress visitors and clients. Adding custom framing for office spaces will have an internal impact as professionals and employees who are exposed to artwork in the workplace are often more inspired, more innovative, and more productive.

There needs to be a lot of consideration that goes into adding custom framing for office spaces. You want to create a specific effect, create a pleasant decor, and make a lasting impression.

Four Questions When Choosing Custom Framing for Your Office Space

When it comes to office décor, it can be difficult to figure out how to use large spaces. If you are starting from scratch, it can be quite intimidating. You want to set the right atmosphere in the office and of course, use good taste that is pleasant for other staff members, visitors, and clients alike. Here are four helpful questions to help you choose art for custom framing for your office spaces.

What types of things can I custom frame for the office?

Charlie Chaplin Movie Poster

Sometimes the most difficult part is finding the right pieces to fit your style and your budget. First, think about the type of atmosphere you are trying to establish. Remember that the décor and artwork can provide a visual invitation for visitors to get to know you or the company better. Some general ideas for creating stunning custom framed pieces for the office include:

  • Company logo
  • Well-branded and tasteful posters or advertisements
  • Movie posters
  • Vinyl Records
  • Large statement pieces
  • Employee bios and portraits

Tips for Styling

If you are considering custom framing for smaller offices, there are some general tips for making the most of the space. First off, don’t think you have to fill up every bit of empty wall space. If the office is small, overcrowding can make it feel and look smaller. Lighter colored custom frames or mixing in some lighter frames with darker ones can make space feel more open. If you’d like to try a gallery wall, choose just one wall for your pieces. Leave the other walls mostly bare. Shelves above a desk can provide a great place to put custom framed artwork along with small decorative objects. This is a great way to maximize wall space without taking up a lot of room with bookcases which can add too much bulk.

Is it okay to go with something unique?

It’s not uncommon to want to go with a more traditional look in public places like office areas. It’s quite alright to choose to go with something unique. Your preference plays a huge role in finding something truly unique. Custom frames that contain the same piece of art can make the pieces look completely different and unique. If you want to make your pieces stand out, custom framing is the best choice. Also, if you work with a custom designer in Atlanta, they can help you coordinate colors and elements to help stay consistent with your logo and other artwork.

How can I be sure I get what I need?

If you have already chosen the artwork but you’re not sure what to do prepare them for hanging, call Suburban Frames. Our professional expertise and experience in custom framing for office spaces can be beneficial and ensure you get the effect you desire. Framing professionals will work with you to make sure you get the perfect combination of frame, matting, and other materials so you can protect and display the piece properly.