Basics of Custom Framing and Hanging Art

oil painting

Many people keep artwork around their house without ever hanging it up. You may feel like custom framing art is too expensive. Maybe there seems to be too many options and you are confused. Do you go with a white frame and a blue mat? Or is it better to go with a blue frame and a white mat? Do you even want a mat at all? It can be overwhelming when you are not sure about the basics of framing artwork. Well, now you don’t have to have bare walls or beautiful artwork just sitting around. Here are the basics for custom framing and hanging art.

Getting Familiar with the Basics

Just to be clear, we are talking about your artwork or basic art in this article. Expensive masterpieces or family heirlooms are totally different matters. You’ll want to discuss your options for those types of pieces with a custom framer from Atlanta. But for those beautiful pieces of art you really do want to hang, here are some of the primary things you should know.

Your Home Isn’t a Museum

Most people collect nice artwork that is sentimental. You may have inherited a piece, found it at a flea market, scored it online, or bought it while traveling. It might even be some of your kid’s best paintings, a vintage poster, or a quilt that is a bit fragile to use but would look wonderful on the wall. These are the types of pieces you’ll want to frame well.

Framing is a Long-Term Solution

When you are custom framing and hanging art, your goal is to preserve it over time, you’ll want acid-free matting materials. Most pieces have a dust cover on the back and a glass layer over the front. But sometimes the front can be made of acrylic. There are some advantages to choosing acrylic. It is shatterproof and lightweight. However, it does scratch more easily than glass. Make sure the glass or acrylic front is treated to protect the contents from UV rays.

Canvas Works are Different

A canvas that has been oil painted is heartier and stable when it comes to handling the elements. You can even hang them in more direct sunlight without worrying about damage. They can be dusted lightly without becoming damage. You actually want to see the buildups and sweeps of the oil painting. You may not want to cover it in glass, but you may still want a frame to add an aesthetic and completed feel.

Sun or Shade for Hanging?

There are some mediums that are more sensitive and even using UV protective glass isn’t enough to protect them. Pieces that are done in watercolor or textiles should be hung in a spot that is well-shaded all the time. Hang watercolors in a dark bathroom or bedroom or in a dim hallway so the sunlight doesn’t fade the brilliant colors.

Contact Suburban Frames

If you have any questions or concerns about custom framing and hanging artwork, please contact us at Suburban Frames in Atlanta. Our professional framers will be happy to talk to you about your options. We can help you protect your piece and display it for all to enjoy.