Breaking Five of the Basic Rules of Hanging Custom Framed Art

Three Frames on a Wall

Many people follow some of the basic rules for hanging custom framed art. But for many, staying with traditional guidelines can be boring. It’s okay to break from the norm a bit and exploring a bit of decorative freedom free from the general rules. Sometimes, you just need to think outside the box. Here are a few ideas for stretching beyond these five traditional rules for hanging custom framed art.

Always Hang Custom Framed Art on the Wall

Sure, traditionally, you want to hang your artwork on the walls. It’s one of the primary rules of interior decorating, right? But what if you think outside the box a bit and realize there are many creative ways to display your prized artwork? It’s perfectly fine and often quite attractive to lean pieces of art up against walls, chairs, mantels, and consoles. Be creative. Feel free to eclectically display your art collection any way you want.

Artwork Should Always Be Centered

Symmetry is important when placing custom framed art. Even though it is the rule of thumb, you can create a unique area by unexpectantly placing the artwork in an off-centered arrangement. Using a slightly lop-sided arrangement can add playfulness to an area.

Big Walls Need Big Artwork

 You don’t have to put a giant piece of art on a large wall just to fill up space. A small, beautifully custom framed art piece can be eye-catching and impactful.  Even a small piece when placed creatively on a large blank wall can provide a big enough impression to fill the room! Make sure it is something you really want everyone to notice, though!

Paintings Should Always Be Hung Straight

Some people think everything needs to be lined up straight. But you can come up with unique and interesting arrangements by hanging the paintings on a wall in off-kilter positions. A map can be hung at an angle on purpose. Artwork can be hung in a cloudlike arrangement for effect. The true trick is to hang them in such a way that others can tell it was purposeful and not accidentally crooked.

You Have to Stick with a Theme

While it’s quite alright to decorate using a theme, it’s also okay to break away from the norm. Your custom framed art might or might not match your furnishings, and that’s okay. Choose things you love and pull them together. You may choose artwork with a different color than your décor. It can be complementary and interesting to use different colored art. You don’t even have to use traditional art. A nicely placed collection of custom frames or vintage frames can be stunning when arranged together in an area.

Are you ready to think outside the box? Contact Suburban Frames in Atlanta for more creative ideas on ways to display your custom framed art. We can build the frame you want. Call us today to learn more about what we have to offer.