Custom Cut Mat Board & Custom Frames for Artwork

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Twin Towers and Lady Liberty

One of the questions you’ll be asked when choosing a custom frame to display artwork is whether you’ll want a custom cut mat board to go with it. A few pieces, especially some on canvas, might not need matted. However, if you want to make the piece stand out, pay special attention to the qualities of the mat board. Here are a few tips for choosing custom cut mat board to go with a custom frame.

Why a Custom Mat Board Matters

A custom mat board is a great way to add a pop of color in a room. However, a well-chosen mat enhances artwork and lets you pull in some colors while pushing others back. Mat work often influences emotion. It can also calm a work that is a bit too lively or lend energy to subdued artwork. The mat also provides a nice focal point by giving a transition area between the artwork and frame. Choosing the right size and color for a mat is essential. If it’s not just right, it can detract from the framed item. Narrowing down your options and getting just the right custom mat board is easier if you have a few tips.

Importance of Mat Color

The first consideration is the color of the custom mat board. Not only is it important to select colors that compliment what’s inside the frame, but it also needs to blend well with the room’s decor, furnishings, and other accessories. However, this is secondary to ensuring the mat looks well with the artwork. Chances are that if the framed piece looks good in the room, using a mat to enhance the piece will not clash with the room’s decor. Choosing a mat color and style that is complementary of the contents will also increase versatility as it can be moved to various rooms.

How to Choose the Right Mat Color

You might think the best option is to match the custom mat board to the predominant color in the framed work. However, this is not always the way to go. If there is only one dominant color, it’s better to choose a secondary color in the framed work. Otherwise, the dominant color can be overwhelming. Using a secondary color often emphasizes subtle details that could be overlooked otherwise.

Choosing the Width of a Custom Mat Board

The final consideration is the width of the mat. There are no specific “rules” for how wide the mat should be. Most of the time, a 2 to 3-inch border works perfectly. If you want to use two mats, our recommendation is to make the bottom mat between 1/4 and 1/2 inch wider than the top mat. This effect is often referred to as the “offset” or the “reveal” both referring to the portion of the bottom mat that remains visible. Using the main color in the artwork for the bottom mat can provide an eye appealing accent.

Let us help!

If you are looking for the perfect custom mat board to compliment your artwork and custom frame, contact us. We have the experience and expertise to walk you through the process so you’ll have the exact look and effect desired. Bring your print, artwork, or other items to our Atlanta shop to have a custom mat and custom frame designed and created by professionals.