Custom Framed Family Photo Ideas

family photo

Have you ever wished time would slow down a bit? A custom framed family photo can be a way to capture the moment now. Think of a family portrait as a time stamp. It doesn’t matter where you are if you choose a theme or a pose, or what you wear. The desired result is to be able to look back years later and enjoy the moment with your family again. Here are some ways to capture meaningful custom framed family photos.

Choose a Unique Spot

If you live close to an ocean or near a mountain creek your unique spot may have crossed your mind already. If you live in a city, maybe there’s a famous landmark or a location where you met your spouse. It may be as simple as your backyard in your Atlanta home where you and your kids spend hours having fun. Take photos in your unique place to add sentimental value and character to them.

Interact with the Environment

Once you choose your special location, you’ll want to interact with it. It might be as simple as sitting on a fallen tree in the forest. Maybe you can reenact the proposal at the original site. You may just want to stand in the shallow water at the beach. Interacting with the environment has a way of making the photo feel whole. And don’t forget to interact with each other too!

Coordinating Clothing

For your custom framed family photo you will want to represent your family as a single cohesive unit. Firstly, each family member has a unique personality and they should wear clothing that is natural for them. It’s okay to coordinate outfits if you allow room for individuality too. Every family member should fit into the big picture, but still make a slight statement about their unique personality with their clothing.

To capture a great custom framed family photo, everyone should be comfortable with what they are wearing. It’s easier to get a casual pose if you are all comfortable.

Include Memorable Items in Your Custom Framed Family Photo

If you or your family have a special momento or heirloom that is important to you, include it in the photograph. Your custom framed family photo is like a visual biography of your family. Find a creative way to include anything like this that is significant to your family. It may be a family heirloom or something with special meaning you share with your partner or spouse. Maybe you can use it as a fun prop or as a subtle background piece.

Include the Family Pet in Custom Framed Family Photos

Most people view their dog or cat as one of their family members. Since they are part of the family, they should, of course, be included in the family photo.

Use Morning or Dusk for Creative Lighting Effects

Natural lighting can add a nice flair to a photograph. Try taking the photo at either sunrise or sunset for a unique natural lighting effect. These times of day are often referred to as “golden hours.” The unique lighting can be both magical and flattering. Getting up a little early, or doing the photoshoot right before sunset can be well worth the extra effort.

Keep Poses Natural

You don’t want a custom framed family photo where everyone looks stiff and tense. Let everyone be themselves when you take the photo. Capture the moment, but let it be natural.

Take More than One Photo

Unless you are a superbly skilled photographer, or extremely lucky, you probably won’t get the perfect photo in just one try. Let the experience be a joyful one and try a series of poses. If you want to, you can also create a gallery of custom framed family photos.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help You!

Create a time capsule of memories with custom framed family photos. Kids grow up way too fast and a fun family photoshoot is a great way to slow down for a small bit of time and enjoy the moment. Contact us at Suburban Frames in Atlanta and let us build a custom frame for your family photos.