Custom Framing for Newspaper Clippings


Almost everyone has collected newspaper clippings. We tend to save articles about important events in our lives. Sometimes it has to do with your family history, or perhaps it’s an accomplishment your business achieved. Did your restaurant get an outstanding review by a well-known magazine or reviewer? Any and all of these deserve to be treasured and celebrated. Talking to a professional framer is an essential part of preserving and protecting them. Custom framing for newspaper clippings provides a great option for not only preserving them but being able to celebrate and share them every day. Custom framing newspaper clippings can preserve them so future generations can enjoy them or many years to come.  Here are a few points on preserving them using a custom framer.

Why a Custom Frame Works for Newspaper Clippings

One of the main reasons custom framing is perfect for newspaper pieces is the edges are not always perfectly square. This is particularly true of older papers. This makes it extremely difficult to purchase a standard frame at a store as it won’t fit well. A custom framer in Atlanta can place the paper on a full mat and keep the glass off of it using spacers. Using single or multiple mat windows will ensure the article fits well and looks great.

What is Hinging?

One option a professional custom framer can provide is hinging or hanging the article inside the frame. A framer will secure the newspaper article to either the backing board or the mat board without damaging the newspaper. He will make a hinge from a stable material that can hold the piece in place. Framing This is a great option when custom framing newspaper clippings as it holds it securely in place without causing damage. If the newspaper pages are loose, you can frame just the page with the key article while storing the rest of the paper behind the mat board, so you don’t lose it.

Choosing Mat and Backing Boards

When the custom framer selects materials to use for your newspaper piece, they will use archival materials. This ensures acids from the materials don’t transfer to the newspaper. The work is mounted on a black archival mat board so there’s no photo or text ghosting. It may also be stiffened by taping it to the right size mounting board. Dimension will be added and the paper will be given some space by using a custom cut top mat. The framer will ask you about what color you want to use for the display. The most common matboard colors are cream, white, and black.

UV-Filtering Glass

The framer may suggest that you go with a UV-filtering glass so that ultraviolet rays don’t reach the newspaper and damage it over time. Exposure to natural light can cause damage over time. Even with the UV-filtering glass, remember to hand the custom framed newspaper in an area where there is very little or no direct sunlight hitting it.

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