4 Tips for Hanging Custom Framed Pictures Straight

Even for those who claim to be free from OCD tendencies, a crooked picture can be annoying. Aesthetically, it takes away from the display when custom framed pictures are not properly aligned. You took the time to get your artwork, memories, or photo custom framed. Then, you chose where to feature the piece in your home. Now that you’ve got the right custom frame in just the right spot, it’s important to ensure it will hand straight without slanting or tilting. That’s exactly what these tips are for. Even if you’re not a perfectionist, these tips can help protect your relationships with those who are.

crooked picture frame

Use the Right Hanging Kit

To hang a picture properly, you will need the right kit for the frame. A simple sawtooth hanging kit is easy to use, but it must be used properly, or the picture will still hang crooked. These kits are only designed to use on lightweight and small frames less than 12 inches on the longer side. Otherwise, the frame may hang to one side, or it can fall causing damage to the frame and its contents. When you visit our Atlanta framing store, ask our professionals if a sawtooth kit is best for your custom framed piece.

Two Hooks Instead of One

When many people hang custom picture frames, they use only one hook or nail for the wire. This often causes problems. When there is just one hanging hook or nail, it makes it easier for the frame to slide to one side or the other. To prevent custom framed pictures from moving, use two hooks or nails for the wire. If you choose to use a sawtooth hanger, then use two to make sure the frame remains straight.

Don’t Leave too Much Slack

When there is too much slack, the custom frame has more chance to move around. Make sure the hanging wire is the right length for your frame. If it’s too long, the frame will tilt to one side or lean forward. Of course, if the wire is too short, it can damage the frame or the contents because there is too much tension. Professionals at Suburban frames will attach hanging equipment so there is no damage to the frame and it’s easy to hang.

Use Wall Bumpers

Those tiny little wall bumpers can be lifesavers when it comes to custom framed pictures. You’ve probably seen them, but perhaps not paid them too much attention. Bumpers are small rubber buttons with adhesive on the back. They stick to the frame’s back corners to keep the wall from becoming damaged. However, they offer more than a little padded protection. They can also help keep a frame steady and prevent it from sliding around.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help

If a custom frame is not hung properly, then any little thing can cause it to tilt or slide. Something as simple as bumping into the wall or slamming a door can cause the slightest movement. Taking a few simple steps can help ensure your custom framed artwork, memories, or photographs stay straight. At Suburban, our professional framers can help you with your framing needs and answer any questions you may have. Call us or come visit our Atlanta store today!