How to Hang Framed Art Artistically

large framed painting

Have you ever gotten a tattoo? There’s something a little bit addicting about this body art. Once you get one, you start thinking about the next one. Collecting artwork and creating art is the same way. Perhaps it is the positive vibes they give out. You find a piece you really like, it speaks to you, or you just like something about it so you get it professionally framed.

Framed art is mildly addictive too. Perhaps you have a favorite style or artist you collect. But after you get a few pieces, you start running out of wall space to hang your prized framed art. Wouldn’t it be nice to find ways you can artistically hang it? Well, here are a few tips to help you hang your framed art artistically.

Hanging Large Framed Artwork

When decorating, every wall doesn’t have to have something hanging on it. When hanging large, framed art or paintings, you’ll want to leave some room for them to breathe. You will also want to hang them a bit lower than you are used to. You don’t want your guests to crane their necks to look up at a large painting. Think of large pieces more as a door to enter rather than a high window.

Give Your Framed Art all the Attention it Deserves

Try not to hang framed art next to a window that provides a spectacular view. Also, displaying artwork on walls made of visually complex surfaces like wood or brick is not ideal. The eye prefers seeing things horizontally centered on walls. The mind seems to search for order and the perfect framed art on a busy wall will be missed.

Hanging Large Artwork Salon Style

Generally, “do not overhang” is a good rule of thumb. But in some settings, more is okay and even preferred. However, hanging larger artwork salon-style can be a great way to share several pieces you’ve collected. This style includes hanging pieces in carefully laid out grids. These grids can cover a large area. Sometimes it can reach from ceiling to floor.

Smaller pieces sometimes look best clustered in groups salon style. This method is particularly tasteful for photographs that are similar in size and shape. Place the framed photos or artwork on the floor and cluster them until you find an arrangement that you like.

Framed Art and Architecture

The architecture of your house will dictate how you display framed art, at least to a degree. A minimalist design in a home provides a hospitable environment for modern and post-modernist artwork. Spanish Colonial styles of architecture feature curving interior walls, stain-glass windows, and colorful tile work. Artwork has to be chosen carefully or it will compete with the architecture of the home. These should not eliminate artwork, but it should be considered when hanging artwork artistically.

Light, Protection, and Hanging Framed Artwork

No matter what you are hanging, factor in the light conditions in the area where you plan to hang the artwork. Most art will become damaged by direct sunlight. Drawings and watercolors are the most vulnerable. One way to protect artwork is the use of glass. Professional framers use conservation glass that can protect artwork from damaging UV rays. Artwork that is not under glass will need to be placed in areas away from direct light. Too much light distracts from the beauty of the piece. Consider the lighting and surroundings when hanging framed art.

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