How to Use Custom Frames to Design a Stairway Gallery Wall

Three Frames on a Wall

Sometimes a wall by a stairway is blank and a bit intimidating. But what if you could use custom frames to design on the stairway wall to form your own gallery? If you think about it, it’s the perfect place. You’ve got one, and maybe two plain walls to decorate using your favorite pics and custom framed photos. It’s a great place to decorate with pictures and photos that help spark positive emotions. Here are a few tips.

Plan the Layout

Before you get too far into your new custom framed stairway gallery wall, take some time to assess how you will fill the space. This can help you avoid huge empty spaces. First, decide where you want the boundaries to be including the top, bottom, and sides. It’s a good idea to use painter’s tape to box it in before you begin. Take down any existing frames on the wall so you can start with a clean slate. Once you have the painter’s tape around the boundary, take time to look at it from as many viewpoints as you can think of.

Gather Your Custom Framed Photos and Pics

Now gather up custom framed photos, artwork, and other picture frames. Include anything you want to in your stairwell gallery wall. You may want to include all your favorites for sure. But mix in some heirloom photos and other precious memories so you will be able to see them daily. You can create a very interesting wall by mixing art and personal photos.

Preview and Evaluate

Try creating your wall on the floor first. Lay your photos and pics out in the floor in the same shape and design you want on the wall. This gives you a nice preview of what you can expect the wall to look like. You will catch potential odd spots or empty spots and move items around to fill in gaps. Arrange and rearrange until you get the look you desire. Go ahead and take a photo of the arrangement on the floor. This lets you see how your final creation is going to look.

Hang it all Up

Take each custom framed photo and picture and hang it in it’s intended spot. Be careful to use the right hangers for your various types of frames. Be particularly careful about hanging heavier picture frames with the right hangers that can handle the weight without damaging the frame or the wall. After you get them all where you want them, remove the painter’s tape and use museum putty to help keep the frames from shifting.

Creating your own staircase gallery wall is a nice way to decorate and provides a unique touch to your home’s décor. The various shapes, colors, textures, and looks of your custom frames add an eclectic touch. Don’t hesitate to use a variety of posters, artwork, paintings, and photos in your wall collage. This will create a diverse decorative wall that is eye-catching. Please contact Suburban Frames in Atlanta, Georgia for more ideas and all your custom framing needs.