Creative Decorating with Small Custom Framed Photos

private small photo gallery

There’s nothing quite like having a large custom framed statement piece to show off. They make a great focal point, add to the décor, and are just one way to show off certificates, photos, or artwork. But if every piece was a statement piece it would actually take away from their important role in your décor. And of course, you can’t make every photo a statement piece. But there are a lot of creative ways to present small custom framed photos. Here are just a few ideas.

Make a Photo Wall of Small Custom Framed Photos

You don’t have to hang just one big photo on a wall area. Why not hang several little ones? Get your favorite photos printed then arrange them on the wall. You’re making your own creative photo collage out where everyone can see it. You can hang them in horizontal, diagonal, or vertical rows. Or you might prefer a random arrangement. Allow for space in between or hang them close in a side-by-side arrangement. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

Use the Small Framed Photos to Surround A Statement Piece

Maybe you’ve chosen the event you’d like to use your smaller photos to showcase. Perhaps you’ve gathered wedding photos or several from a recent trip. Choose one of them to make the centerpiece. Print the favorite photo larger and print the others in a smaller size. Make the large photo central, and place all the smaller ones around it. You can choose any number of smaller framed photos from just a few to a dozen or so. Add another level of creativity and hang them in any pattern or shape you prefer.

Stand the Photos Up

When you place your smaller photos in standing frames, you can put them anywhere. They can sit on a bedside table, on shelves, a mantle, or a window ledge if there’s room. These are all great places to arrange your small framed photos. Use frames that match the surfaces the photos will be placed on. Or order custom frames that provide a tasteful contrast.

Make Your Own Statement

Even though we are talking about statement piece alternatives, you can create your own statement piece from your small photos. You can still arrange all of the photos any way you want. But instead of putting them individually on the wall to create a collage, place them on a backing board or mat and custom frame them. You are putting all your memories in one piece and displaying them in a creative and decorative way.

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