Terms to Know when Ordering Custom Framing

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Maybe this is the first time you’ve consulted a custom framer. Choosing to custom frame a prized possession, special memory, or a nice work of art can be an attractive way to preserve and present them. It can be difficult to know where to start and terms can be confusing if you do not know what they mean. Let’s take a look at some of the decisions you will have to make when ordering custom framing.

Mat or No Mat

One of the first questions you are likely to hear is if you want matting or not. The mat surrounds the artwork. It can have an aesthetic effect and provide some protection as well. You do not have to use a mat when ordering custom framing, but if you do want a mat, you’ll have to choose the color and material you want.

When choosing the color of the mat you want it to compliment the artwork without distracting from it. The rule of thumb is to match a color from the background. Depending on the subject of the photo, blue from the sky or green from trees may be a good choice.

Along with a color, you’ll have to choose a material for matting too. Higher-grade mat materials will be more costly, but they will also provide high-quality. They won’t change color over time, and they will provide the needed protection for your artwork.

Choosing Glazing when Ordering Custom Framing

One decision you’ll have to make is choosing glazing. Glazing is a material used to protect artwork and complete the frame. The glazing is usually either clear plastic or glass. Remember that the higher the quality you invest in, the more the project will cost. The highest quality that will eliminate glare and protect your work from UV rays is called museum glass. Plexiglass is also a durable option and it’s lighter than museum glass.

Choosing the Frame

Another choice you’ll need to make is the type of frame you want to use. Just like when choosing the matting, your main choices are color and material. Dimensions will come into play some as well, but these are determined by the size and shape of the piece of art. The color and material you choose for the frame will primarily be your personal aesthetic taste. However, some materials are longer-lasting and stronger than others. One mistake some people make is to try and match the frame with the room, but the frame should always focus on complimenting the artwork itself. The most common materials used when ordering custom framing are metal and different types of wood.

Contact a Professional Framer in Atlanta

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