Tips for Choosing Custom Frames for Artwork

Framing CounterIt can be difficult choosing custom frames for artwork.  It may seem relatively easy to pick out a frame to set your artwork apart. You don’t want to get a frame that takes away from the art or overshadows it. Instead, it’s important to choose a frame that surrounds the artwork and complements it. Here are just a few tips to help with choosing custom frames for artwork.

Size Matters After All

Before you start looking for a frame for your artwork, you need to know the dimensions. The size of the frame affects the art in surprising ways. For instance, frames that have oversized mats are popular lately and they work well for smaller pieces of art. However, they will not always have the same effect on larger pieces. Frames that have a thin profile doesn’t usually work on larger pieces and won’t have the desired visual effect. The size of the frame should coordinate with the artwork. At Suburban Frames, we make sure the frame and artwork compliment and complete each other.

It’s All About Space

Before creating custom frames for artwork, determine where you’re going to hang the framed work.  Knowing the space it will fill will help in choosing the frame. For instance, if the wall where it will hang is too narrow or too tall, a portrait frame may be the best choice. If the wall where the artwork will be displayed is wide, a landscape frame might be the best solution.

Material Used for Frames for Artwork

The material used to to make a frame can influence the artwork and how it fills the space. Metal frames are typically associated with contemporary art and used in modern settings. Wooden frames come in a wide range of styles and can be simple, rustic, or modern depending on the type of finish used. You may want to use a custom frame with minimal details to prevent distracting the focus away from the artwork.

Choosing a Color and Finish

Frames are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. These can affect the artwork and should be considered carefully. Selecting a finish means thinking about what might compliment a room’s decor or stay with its general theme and style. You may also want to choose frames for artwork that pull specific colors found in the artwork to create a stunning effect.


At Suburban Frames in Atlanta, we help you choose custom frames for artwork that highlights the art and matches your decor. Let us help you choose and create a custom frame for your pieces of art.