Tips for Creating and Customizing a Ledge Gallery Wall with Custom Frames

Home Decor

Hanging picture frames is nothing new, people have been doing it for years. Hanging custom framed photos or artwork is a great way to showcase your personal favorites. But did you ever just want something a little bit different, a unique way to show off your prized images? A ledge gallery wall may be just the perfect addition to your present decor.

You may have plenty of picture frames around your Atlanta home. Maybe they are sitting on end tables, a shelf, or along your mantel. These areas could be used for other, larger decorative items. And this is precisely why people started hanging photos on the walls.

If you want a unique and creative way to display your custom frames why not consider a ledge gallery wall? You may have one or more gallery walls in your home or office already. But a ledge gallery wall adds a different element. Think of it as a sort of floating shelf that holds your favorite custom framed pictures and maybe some trinkets too.

Customizing a Ledge Gallery Wall with Custom Framed Items

Versatile Design Options

One of the best things about a ledge gallery wall is the unlimited ways to customize it. They look good with almost anything. You can pair wooden shelves with white custom frames to create a clean, yet rustic look. Once you get your favorite photos placed, add some wooden cut out letters or decorative wall decals between the shelves. This provides a neat three-dimensional look and adds to the room aesthetically.

Inexpensive Decor

Another great advantage to using a ledge gallery wall in your Atlanta home is how inexpensive it is. You can usually find two shelves for as little as $5 or $10 apiece. If you want to splurge, there are some models cost up to $50. But that’s still not too expensive when it comes to decorating your home. If you like to do crafts or woodworking as a hobby, you may be able to build them yourself adding that much more of a personal touch.

Customizing Your Ledge Gallery Wall

As mentioned before, a ledge gallery wall is very customizable. You can add different elements to give the wall a unique, multi-dimensional look. You can use wooden letters to spell your child’s name alongside custom framed photos of them. If you display photos from a vacation or various locations you’ve visited, you can use wooden letters to spell them out. The wooden letters can be painted white, black, or a color that complements the décor. Or, you can add seashells along the shelves to go with your favorite beach photos.

Painting options are unlimited too. Think about painting the shelves a neutral or an accent color. You can also paint the wall behind the shelves to create a special personalized accent wall in a room.

Location, Location, Location!

Location is everything, but when it comes to a ledge gallery wall, it can go just about anywhere. They look nice along a long hallway. Use them to fill in the empty space above your kitchen cabinets. Could your den or family room use a little color? If you use shorter shelves, they may make a nice decorative addition to your guest bathroom. You are only limited by your imagination.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help!

Are you ready to create your own decor with your favorite vacation or family photos? Let Suburban Frames take care of the custom frames for you. We have the experience and expertise to provide just the look you want for your ledge gallery wall. Call us today to discuss your options and choices.