Tips for Custom Framing Memories

Most of us have boxes of memorabilia around the house. We tend to gather tangible items to help us remember people, places, or experiences that influenced or changed our lives. It’s human nature to let them fade over time just because we do not think about them as often. Custom framing memories is a special way to commemorate them. But it also serves to preserve and protect your precious items. Here are a few tips for protecting your memories with custom framing.

Custom Framing Photographs

old photographs

Photographs are a common memento from special events. Maybe you have a special family photo, a child’s first school picture, or photos from holidays, graduations, or just a fun night out. Let a professional framer build a custom frame for these memories. You may want to have a special frame for each photo to create a memory wall in your home. Or, you might make a collage with the photos and use one large frame turning it into a memory poster of sorts. The opportunities for custom framing photos are endless.

Other Custom Framed Memories

It’s not always a photograph that reminds you of a special occasion, specific time or place. You can choose to have a custom frame built for a certificate you or your child earned, your college diploma, trade school certificate or a picture your kid drew for a grandparent. If you habitually keep mementos like movie stubs or concert tickets they can be made into a collage and framed.

Shadow Box Frames

But what if some of your mementos are not 2-dimensional? What if you have an official jersey signed by your favorite player?  Maybe you have several medals you won playing sports. Or perhaps you’ve collected souvenirs like thimbles, keychains or spoons from all the cities or countries you’ve visited. Any of these can become custom-framed memories. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Shared Memories

When you custom frame memories you shared with others, displaying them is a way to celebrate them, the moment and yourself. Custom framing holiday photos, group photos at a concert in Atlanta with friends, or from some other event you’ll never forget is a way of sharing and celebrating the memory. It’s also a great way to share it with family or friends who visit your home. Consider custom framing a photo between friends or family members and presenting it as a treasured gift.

Do you want to custom frame memories? Contact us at Suburban Frames in Atlanta. We will be happy to build a frame for your special memories.