Tips for Custom Framing Oversized Prints

oversized photo

One of the growing trends in home and office décor incorporates oversized prints. They tend to ground a room while communicating your personal style. Custom framing oversized prints makes a space feel intentional. These large images are often discovered over a headboard, mantle, or a couch. Whether it is classical art, a haunting photograph, or an abstract painting, using large pieces around the home adds visual interest and provides dramatic energy.

Types of Images That Make Good Oversized Prints

Pulling a room’s décor together into a cohesive unit is easy using large pieces of art. Original paintings on canvas make great decorative elements, but so do sleek photographs. If you are not sure where to start with custom framing oversized prints, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Map it Out: Custom framed vintage maps look great dominating a wall. Maybe you saw an old world map, a topographical map of a familiar region, or a stylized map of your favorite city. Custom framing oversized print maps have a way of giving an area an adventurous feel.
  • Grid Gallery Wall: If you have a series of photos from a wedding or an event, they can be used to create a stunning gallery. Classic black and white photos can offer a nostalgic feel. Oversized wedding images can evoke a timeless, beautiful, feeling.
  • Fly Your Flag: Do you have a favorite flag? Try custom framing an oversized image of the flag of your native country, or of your ancestors. An in-home theater wall might be the perfect place for your favorite sports team’s flag or banner.
  • Really Large Photographs: If you have an exceptionally large image, it might be more aesthetic to break it into a diptych, or two pieces. Some photos can even be made into three images or a triptych. This is pretty easy to do, and a single image can create a visually engaging and creative large art gallery wall.
  • iPhone Photos: It may seem unreal, but even most of the photos you take on a cell phone today have a high enough resolution to make large prints. You can make custom framed oversized prints from almost anything from your pets to your vacation photos to family snapshots. Even scans of vintage photos will work.

Basics of Custom Framing Oversized Prints

Custom framing oversized prints is not too different from posters. You’ll have to choose a larger frame and a material that can look stunning and handle the weight and provide a solid structure. Large photos and artwork look more sophisticated with a thinner mat. Sometimes, they look best without a mat at all.

If you have any questions about custom framing oversized photos, contact us as Suburban Frames in Atlanta. We can help you find the best material and matting to ensure the final piece looks great. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years, we’re pretty good at it. Call us today and let us help you create a great accent for your favorite room.