To Frame or Not to Frame Canvas Art

framed canvas artwork

Whether you do the artwork yourself or not, canvas art has become a popular decorative option in many Atlanta homes. Images are often painted or printed onto the canvas, which is then stretched to wrap around a frame. Many times, canvas art is left unframed as it can be aesthetically pleasing without a custom frame. It’s not always necessary, but does this mean you shouldn’t ever frame canvas art? Whether you are using canvas art to decorate your home or an office, here are some tips to help you decide if you want it custom framed or if it’s best to hang it as it is.

Why You Might Consider Framing Canvas Art

One of the main reasons any work of art is framed is to preserve the artwork and provide protection. A custom frame helps keep it in good condition longer. Whether or not you choose to provide a layer of UV protection by using a glass cover, the outer frame protects edges and corners of the canvas. Otherwise, over time, they will become worn and damaged.

Many canvases are going to look better with a custom frame because of the finish of the wrap. Standard wraps tend to leave edges blank. Sometimes, images are continued around the corners on canvas, so the edges are also attractive. But then there may be staples or other fasteners visible on an edge. The appearance of the edges plays a role in your choice to frame or not frame canvas art.

A good choice often recommended by professional custom framers at Suburban Frames is a floating frame. This float frame leaves a small space between the frame and the artwork. This gives it a recessed look and allows for the entire piece to be viewed.

Pros of Leaving Canvas Artwork Unframed

flowers on canvas

If you are going for a minimalist look, a canvas print might not need to be framed. Some of this might rely on if the painting or photo is a minimalist style. If so, leaving the canvas art unframed may be a suitable choice. Also, think about the room it will be hanging in. Will it be complementary to a minimalist design? Or will an unframed piece of canvas art look bare or stand out in an odd way?

Of course, if the image is wrapped around the canvas, the edges may look aesthetically pleasing. In this case, leaving it unframed is a good option. A lot of what goes into this choice is your personal style and preferences. Which do you think is going to look better with the room’s décor? Will it look best unframed or inside a frame?

Let us help you choose a frame for your canvas art. That’s what we are here for. If you have a print or painting on canvas that you need stretched and placed on a frame, let us know. Suburban Frames is here for all your framing needs. Contact us today or stop by our shop in Atlanta, Georgia.