Top 5 Trends in Custom Framing in 2021


You can think of hanging pictures in your Atlanta home like accessorizing an outfit. What seems like little additions complete a décor can elevate it or add a sophisticated touch. Custom framed photos, images, or memorabilia can add charm and personality to an ordinary, plain house. But just like fashion trends change over time, so do frame styles. Let’s take a look at some of the trends in custom framing we are seeing in 2021.

New Pops of Color

In the clothing and accessory industry, trending colors are in a constant state of change. This last year has mirrored this action with new styles, materials, and colors showing out. Acrylic floating frames in a variety of colors are popular and one of the most popular trends in custom framing. Colored frames are a growing trend and bolder colors are used more. For example, bold colored frames with a white matte board are popular choices. New metals like rose gold are also making appearances in home décor.

Traditional Black and White is Always In

Black and white photos never go out of style and recently, they’ve taken center stage in minimalist décor. Off-white beveled matte board with a dark or black frame provides a classic look and adds a finishing touch to black and white images. Since it’s neutral, it doesn’t take away or distract from the photograph’s image. It also matches any décor in any room. If the image is in color, a white frame is suitable for making the image pop.

Gallery Walls Showing Up In Unexpected Spaces

Gallery walls are a hit almost anywhere and can showcase a lot about you or your family on a single wall. Building a gallery wall can demonstrate your personality and turn an otherwise boring space into something special. Gallery walls are showing up in some of the most unusual spaces, and they are making an impact. They add the perfect touch to mudrooms to dining rooms. A gallery wall of family portraits can make a large main bathroom suddenly chic.

A New Take on Scale

Ledge displays and gallery walls provide fresh ways to play with scale. Placing a child’s large photography experience alongside the adult’s smaller imagery can create an unusually appealing design. Playing with scale helps art feel fresher. It’s so easy too, now that everyone has a camera all the time. Personal photos can become wall art easily and the objects of our photographs are changing. In years gone by, we only hung photographs of people. Today, vintage posters, vases, paintings, and virtually anything can become artwork.

Shadowbox Frames Take Center Stage

A shadowbox is a custom frame that encloses items in a glass-front frame. The idea is to create depth and house 3-dimensional items that have sentimental value, memories, or experiences attached to them. It makes a great way to display sports memorabilia, drum sticks from a favorite band, or items from your high school days. The possibilities are unlimited, and the popularity of shadowboxes is soaring.

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