Top 7 Things You Need to Know About Custom Framing

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By its very definition, custom frames are unique. Each one is a one-of-a-kind work of artisanship. A well-made custom frame in your Atlanta home is going to last far longer than our sofa, drapes, and other décor. You can sort of think about it like its own piece of personalized furnishing for your home. If you are new to custom framing, or just want to learn more about this unique form of craftsmanship, here are seven things you should know about custom framing.

1: What You Should Frame and Why You Need a Custom Frame

You can choose custom framing for almost anything from posters to fine works of art, even your child’s handprints. What you choose to frame will be a reflection of your personal taste. Custom framing a football jersey, movie poster, hand-written recipes, or original artwork will preserve the piece so it can be enjoyed for a long time to come.

2: Consider the Surroundings

Before talking to a custom frame professional, think about the surroundings where you will be placing the piece. The framer will discuss what you are looking for with you and help you make your final choices, but it’s good to have a sense of where the piece will be placed. The room and its décor are important factors in the choice of framing materials like the frame itself and the matting.

4: Materials Used in Custom Framing

There is more to framing than just choosing the material for the frame, although that is an important aspect. You have a variety of wood, metal, and plastic materials to choose from when it comes to the frame. But you will also need to choose the matting and the type of glass. The matting is made of cotton, fabric, or paper. It can be almost any color. The center will be cut out so it makes sort of a window around the piece being displayed. But the mat also serves a useful purpose. It acts as a spacer between the glass and the art or photo.

5: Choosing the Glass

You’ll also have to choose a type of glass. Glass can protect art, photos, memorabilia, or posters from damage caused by the sun’s rays. There are many selections when it comes to the glass including clear glass, anti-reflective, non-glare, and conservation glass. Conservation glass specifically provides protection from light, both natural and artificial. This type of glass has a UV inhibiting film applied to block UV rays. Again, talk to a professional at Suburban Frames to help you choose the right glass.

6: Cleaning Picture Frame Glass

From time to time you will want to clean the glass. Most commercial cleaners will work. However, avoid glass cleaners that contain ammonia. You also don’t want an all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, or other cleaner that contains harsh detergents, waxes, or pumice. If you would like to, you can use homemade glass cleaners with vinegar. Always spray the cleaner on the cloth and then wipe the glass down until it is dry.

7: Find the Right Framer

A reputable framer will be happy to help you with all the choices you need to know about custom framing. They can offer advice and expertise to ensure your item is preserved and cared for properly. Here are Suburban Frames, we are always willing to help you find what you want to get the end product you deserve. Let us know what you are looking to achieve. We are here to help.