Top Tips for Custom Framing Wedding Photos

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Most people love spring, except for severe allergy suffers. The trees turn green, flowers grow, and temperatures encourage more outdoor activities. With springtime comes wedding season. Wedding photographers capture stunning shots at local parks, gorgeous venues, and churches across the Atlanta area. Custom framing wedding photos seamlessly integrate into any home’s décor and become family heirlooms. Couples and their families cherish photos made on such a memorable day. Whether you are gifting custom framed wedding photos to a new couple or looking for custom framing ideas, we have you covered

Using Digital Prints for Custom Framing Wedding Photos

Modern photographers use digital cameras to produce digital images. Print digital photos into high-quality prints and use them for custom framed décor. Custom frames from Suburban Frames in Atlanta, Georgia are handcrafted and made to highlight your favorite wedding images. Custom framed wedding photos make a great wedding gift for a new couple. Couples may want to choose several photos to custom frame and then group them together to create a gallery wall.

Create a Custom Collage Frame of Wedding Photos

Collect a number of photos of the happy couple from across the years. Then, compile them into a custom collage picture frame. A wedding photo can be placed in the middle, with photos of each of them on either side. If you are creating a unique wedding gift, place childhood images of them on either side. Custom frame a wedding picture with their invitation.

Create a Shadow Box Containing Wedding Photos and Memorabilia

A custom shadow box can contain anything significant to the wedding day. Include a large wedding picture with a copy of their vows, dinner menu, and wine glasses.

Try Different Sized Frames

Custom framing wedding photos means you can choose the size of the image, mat colors, and type of material used for the frame. You have total control over the project. Make your wedding photos any size you want. You can choose a few smaller images to custom frame and place around the larger central image.

What Makes Great Custom Framed Wedding Photos?

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If you hire a professional wedding photographer, they will take a wide variety of images. You may also have a few requests for specific photos you want. If the photography is being handled by a friend, you can also ask for certain shots. Here are a few ideas of noteworthy wedding day photos worth obtaining:

  • A shot of the couple looking at each other and smiling or laughing. A pro will have a few tricks to help make this look natural and candid.
  • At least one getaway shot of the couple running through rice or a shower of flower petals.
  • A photo of the ring bearer or flower girl looking too cute.
  • One image of the newly married couple dancing, and one of each of them dancing with a parent.
  • Funny photos of the reception.

How to Choose the Best Wedding Photos for Custom Framing

On average, a couple has between 500 and 1000 images taken at their wedding. That can seem quite overwhelming when you consider most will only frame two to five images. The important thing is to make sure they are photos you love. Depending on your style, you may want to choose fun or super sweet, romantic photos.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help You!

If you want high-quality custom framed wedding photos in Atlanta, let Suburban Frames help you. We have over 50 years experience that we can put to work for you to create stunning frames for your favorite wedding images. Contact us today to learn how we can help you preserve memories of your beautiful day.