Custom Framed Gift Ideas

ticket stubs

With fall fast approaching it won’t be long until our thoughts turn toward the holidays. We will soon all be trying to find gifts for our loved ones. Most of us have long lists of co-workers, friends, and family we’ll be buying for during the holiday season. But then there are those special people who we feel deserve a special gift. Get a jump on gift-giving this year and surprise someone on your list with a one-of-a-kind gift that is sentimental and meaningful. Here are a few custom framed gift ideas for you to consider.

Custom Framed Memorabilia & Ticket Stubs

Ticket stubs can often get lost or trashed soon after an event. But you can help keep the memory of a special event alive by custom framing ticket stubs or other mementos you captured during the outing. Tickets to a big game, a concert, or from an amazing trip can be custom framed. You can stir up those memories and preserve the moments you and the recipient shared together.

Custom Framed Ideas for Polaroid Pictures

Polaroid pictures

Polaroid pictures used to be all the rage in photos. Today they are making a resurgence. These small, instant photos can make a big impact and capture memorable moments. They can be placed together in a custom frame to display some of your most nostalgic moments. If you have quite a few of them on hand, you can pick and choose to tailor the framed gift. Pick out favorite moments, milestones, or celebrations and build a beautiful, memorable representation of your memories. It’ll be a gift like no other for sure.

Framed Book, Comic, or Magazine Covers

This custom framed gift is perfect for any avid readers. Their favorite paperback title can be transformed into a work of art. If you can find one of their favorite comic book or magazine covers frame it for a special gift. A classic paperback cover or even a favorite Playbill cover can make a memorable gift they can appreciate and will not soon forget.

Custom Framed Gift Souvenirs or Memories

Souvenirs from special places, occasions, or traveling don’t all have to be the same. Think outside the box and frame a love letter. Or custom frame the record you played on your first date or a movie poster from the first movie you shared together. Keep the menu from a special restaurant and custom frame it to capture the memory. You may hit the jackpot if you dig around in some old shoe boxes, photo albums, or closets too. You can easily surprise family and friends with custom framed gifts that will be cherished for years to come.

Let Suburban Frames Help!

There are tons of custom framed gift ideas out there and you can probably come up with a few of your own. Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta help you make gift-giving special this year. Contact us to discuss the different types and styles of frames to make your gift unique and special.