Design Counter at Suburban

Our Approach

Whether it’s art, photos, documents or something else that’s important enough to mount on the wall for all to see, we will help you get the lasting impression you’re looking for. When it absolutely, positively has to look spectacular, look to us for three things:

The Right Advice

We’ve been in the business since 1964 and framed over 9,600 pieces for every kind of customer: homeowners, businesses, schools, governments and associations. We’ve got the know-how to provide suggestions on how to give your piece just the right look and match the décor you have in mind.

The Right Selection

With over 1,000 different mouldings and mats to choose from, we’ve got all the fine woods and metal mouldings, filets, and mats needed to give your framed piece the right look.

The Right Quality

Whether it’s assembling flawless frames or making the best precision mat cuts, our framers use their decades of experience in making your piece and have all the professional equipment they need to produce the highest quality framing work possible.​​