Top 5 Problems Corrected by Custom Framing

Framed Tiger Print

Most people enjoy decorating a home with framed photographs and artwork. Usually, a person has to choose between a DIY framing project or having the artwork or photograph custom framed. In some instances, doing it yourself is fine. But there are a few minor problems that may surface if you do not have the piece custom framed. Here are the top five problems you can solve by choosing custom framing your artwork or photographs.

Not Sure What Frame Size is Needed

A common question asked of professionals is about getting the right size frames. Even though a photo or piece of art is measured, you may still need room for matting. When you choose custom framing for your art or photo, it will be properly sized by a professional framer. It won’t matter if it is a standard size or not, the frame will be created intentionally to fit the artwork.

Smudges on the Mat Board

No matter how careful you are, even if you wash your hands before framing a picture, you can still see a smudge here or there. Sometimes, a pencil eraser or a rubber one will remove the smudges. You can also try cleaners like a document cleaner, alcohol, or a stain remover like K2R. A professional framer in Atlanta usually wears cotton gloves, so the frame and mat are protected during the framing project.

Print or Photo Slides Around in the Frame

A photo or print sliding around inside a frame usually occurs if you just put the print between the mat board and the backing board. Placing the piece there and putting it in a frame leaves too much space and the photo or print has too much room. It’s important to mount the print or artwork to the backing board to ensure it all fits together. You can use a simple method or a permanent one. Just be sure to use something that doesn’t damage the cherished product. Custom framing professionals can ensure the frame and piece fit together perfectly with no room for sliding around.

The Glass is too loose inside the Frame

When you purchase cheap frames directly off the shelf, you may experience this problem. It’s just because the rabbet it too large. Picture spacers can be used to provide some space so the two don’t touch and making sure the contents can adequately fill up the space. A professional will solve this before delivering you the product.

Specks of Dust Under the Glazing

Sometimes, you may notice dust or specks under the glazing. This usually occurs because there isn’t any backing paper on the frame. Custom framing professionals will ensure backing paper is placed in the frame. This helps protect your art or photograph and keep all dust and debris out too.

Custom framing professionals can help you avoid all of these scenarios. Contact us at Suburban Frames in Atlanta, Georgia and let us build a custom frame for your photo, artwork, posters, newspaper articles, academic accomplishments and more.