4 Reasons a Custom Frame is Better than Store-Bought

Framed Home DecorMost people run to the local department store and pick up a standard sized frame. However, you may find the style and selection limited. You may even find the same frames in your friend’s homes or local business establishments. But sometimes, a common frame just won’t work. You need a custom frame. It’s a great feeling to personalize a photo and it provides a unique touch to your decor. Here are four times when a custom frame is the better option over a generic store-bought frame.

Use a Custom Frame for Unusual Photo Sizes

Whether you enjoy hobby photography or buy artwork from a vendor, you may run across photos that are not the standard size. This type of one-of-a-kind artwork or print adds an element of character to your home and decor. One of the latest trends is to frame photos of non-standard dimensions and sizes. You may have difficulty finding the right size for large format, smaller photos, or panoramic pieces in a local department store. A custom frame allows you to fit any unusual sizes and dimensions perfectly. You’re also not limited in choices for the frame style.

Add Color with a Custom Frame

When shopping for frames in a store, you are likely to find mostly cream or white mat boards.  Many frames don’t even include a mat board. The mat board forms a border inside the frame and provides a more professional look to the photo. When you choose a custom frame, you can customize the entire package including the mat board around your photo. You can choose the color to add to the photo and highlight it with accent colors that are complementary. Or, match it with the room’s decor.  Customize the mat board by choosing from colors ranging from bright and bold to soft neutral.

Another option you have with a custom frame is a layered mat board. These are rare in stores. A layered mat board allows a little more color to highlight your photo or art piece. This technique is perfect for pulling little accent colors from the photo and highlighting them. This is particularly effective for wedding photos.

Create a Dramatic Look

Whether you are creating a display of family photos along one wall, using a framed photo or artwork for a focal point, or framing an important document, using custom frames add a bit more flair to the display.  Local stores may have some popular styles but if you want something slightly out of the norm, you may be out of luck. An Atlanta custom frame professional carries a broader selection of frame styles to help you get the look you want.

Custom Frames for Preservation

When you frame precious family photos or one-of-a-kind art pieces, it’s important to ensure they are preserved for a long time. Using cheap framing materials often contain harmful acids that can leach over time. This can cause photos and artwork to yellow or fade.  A custom frame has the option of protecting the contents using high-quality framing materials including acid-free mat boards and picture frame glass that provides a UV filter.

Are you ready to preserve your artwork or photos? Contact Suburban Frames of Atlanta for a custom frame today!