4 Reasons to Choose an Experienced Framing Company

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Sure, you can take the cheaper option or try a DIY framing project. But if you really want the best results, you’re going to want to go with an experienced framing company like Suburban Frames in Atlanta. When you choose a DIY or order-it-online option, you are taking a huge chance that the frame will fit your cherished item. If it does fit, it may be sub-par. Here are four reasons you should choose to go with an experienced framing company to protect your memorable pictures, prized artwork, posters, and memorabilia.

A Wide Variety of Custom Framing Options

When you go with an experienced framing company in Atlanta, you don’t have to settle for a basic frame. Instead, you get lots of options to choose from based on your preferences and tastes. Choosing a reputable company gives you access to a wider variety of designs, materials, and finishes. This means you can choose a customized frame that matches the décor in your office or home. Working with a high-end custom framing expert allows you access to some rare materials that are not readily available in other places since they often require specialty tools to craft properly.

Qualified Expertise

Being able to create custom picture frames is an art. Framing professionals at Suburban Frames have years of experience and expertise in constructing beautiful, durable frames. They have the tools needed to create timeless frames using a variety of materials. Different pieces require various types of frames. If you have a delicate embroidery piece from your grandmother that you want to display, our experts know exactly how to showcase it and protect it at the same time. If you prize your 25-foot oil painting, you want to make sure your framer has the expertise to build the right kind of frame. Ready-made frames are not ideal for large artwork. If you need an oval, round, or uniquely shaped frame, you want someone who knows how to make it right the first time.

Expert Craftsmanship

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You want an experienced framing guru who has the right types of training and the professional knowledge necessary to craft your frame. They should know how to craft frames with the right type of glass and frame to protect your prized artwork and other pieces from UV exposure. The inside of the frame also needs to remain free from contaminants. An expert craftsman will have the knowledge and tools to create sturdy, protective custom frames.

Ability to Create Customized Frames

Professional framers help you decorate home and office to your preferences. Since they customize frames to fit the piece being preserved, you can choose frames that cater to your needs and your wants. This allows your custom framed items to add new dimension to your décor while protecting your memorable pictures and precious artwork.

Let Suburban Frames Atlanta Help!

Custom frames are ideal for protecting your prized items whether they have monetary or sentimental value. Suburban Frames has been serving the Atlanta area since 1969, we have the experience and expertise you can count on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect and display your cherished items with custom frames.