5 Creative Ideas for Custom Framed Photos

generational photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to enjoy capturing images. Even if you just enjoy taking photos as a hobby, you can use a custom framed photo creatively. There are some great ways to use shots like a family photograph, an action shot or another priceless moment you’ve captured. Here are five creative ideas on how to custom frame your photos and hang them so they can be enjoyed by all.

Use A Single Photo to Create a Wall of Frames

Have you ever made a wall collage out of several custom framed photos? You can do the same with a single photo, but with a larger dramatic effect. You will need a photo with a very high resolution. Take that single very large photo and break it into sub-photos, at least three, but it can be more depending on the photograph. Each piece will be custom framed, just remember there’s a bit of a gap between the photos. After the pieces are framed, line them up on the wall to create a unique wall collage made of one photo, but several frames.

Generational Photographs

Nothing is as important as family. Most of the time, family photos document a certain point in the life of a family member. Taking a four-generation photo can be a special moment worth a custom frame. If you can take a picture of a grandson in the same place as his grandfather once stood, it can have a spectacular effect and show the gap between the generations. These custom framed photos would be a memento families could cherish for generations to come.

Custom Framed Photo in One Location Through Four Seasons

This idea only works for countries far from the equator where all four seasons are experienced.  If you are in a region that receives four distinct seasons each year, take a photo in the same spot during each of the four seasons. Try to find one spot that has distinctive, recognizable features like a specific building, or a tree. There needs to be a consistency in where the photo is taken each time. Custom frame this set of photos for a great display in your home.

Take a Photo in One Location at Different Times of the Day

Maybe you can’t stand to wait a whole year to take four photos! You may be able to achieve a similar effect by taking four (or more) photos of a single spot at different times of the day. The natural light at both dusk and dawn has different effects. These can influence photos in various ways. Noon also provides a unique perspective. Take 24 hours and dedicate it to this photo project. Choose your best or most contrasting images and you’ll have a unique set of custom framed photos.

Use Photo Burst to Capture the Perfect Pose for a Custom Framed Photo

Do you have a child who plays sports? Capture their high energy, or their best pose by using photo burst or time-lapse features. It is important to capture a pose that is worthy of displaying as well as indicative of their athletic abilities. Smartphones have a burst mode feature that can be used for rapid-fire images while a person is involved in an activity such as a sport. Then you can edit to find the perfect pose to create your custom framed photo from. You may want to use a series of poses to create a sequence of movements and use them as a gallery wall of photos.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta, Georgia Help!

We can help you custom frame photos of events or settings you’ve captured. If you have a great idea for a custom frame, great! We can make it happen. If you need some ideas for customized frames for your prized photographs, we can help with that too. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your goals!