Most Popular Types of Hardwood Custom Picture Frames

When you choose hardwood custom picture frames, it’s like picking out clothes to wear. You want to know the frame you choose will bring out the beauty of the object you value enough to frame whether it is a picture, memorabilia, or artwork. Wood is probably the most common type of frame. It brings with it an air of sophistication and elegance. It also adds a bit of vintage and class. Here is a look at some of the different types of hardwood used for custom frames.

Hardwood Custom Picture Frames

Poplar Wood Frames

Poplar trees grow throughout the eastern United States. It’s one of the softest of the hardwoods. It’s the least expensive. It is a yellowish-white color and easy to work with. It works well when using veneers.

Maple Wood Frames

Maple is a heavy, strong, and very hard wood. It sands and stains well and it resists abrasions. There are 115 species of maple trees, but only five of those are used commercially and grow in the US. It’s a great choice when using lacquers or clear natural finishes.

Ash Wood Frames

Ash is grown in the eastern US excluding the South Atlantic coast and the gulf areas. It’s a strong, hard, wood with beautiful grain patterns. Baseball bats are made out of Northern white ash. The wood is a light blond color and the boards tend to stay straight. It’s easy to work with generally.

Cherry Wood Frames

Cherry is a reddish colored wood with a smooth grain. It’s softer than ash or maple but still hard enough to be tough. It sands and finishes nicely and stains well. Cherry wood is easy to work with. It is often stained with Sable or Rosewood but typically finished naturally. The natural color deepens over time leaving a beautiful finish.

Mahogany Wood Frames

Mahogany is usually imported. It’s a popular choice and has a nice reddish-brown color with a pitted grain pattern. It takes stain very nicely and can also be shown with a natural finish. The boards are usually very long and straight and it’s easy to work with.

Oak Wood Frames

Oak is a heavy-duty wood that has a light color. It is one of the most widely used wood. You will see oak used often for making English or American country décor and designs.

Walnut Wood Frames

Walnut is also a native tree in North America. It is lighter than oak. Walnut is a light brown-gray color and has a pitted pattern. It sands easily and finishes well. Use a blackened oil or a darker colored stain for a beautiful effect.

If you need help choosing the right hardwood for your custom framing project, please contact us. The helpful staff at our Atlanta Suburban Frames store will be happy to help you choose the perfect wood and also any other elements for your custom picture frames.