Using Custom Framed Wall Art to Accent Interior Design

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Sometimes wall art is at best an afterthought when it comes to interior design. For many, it’s not dealt with until all the walls are painted, and furniture is placed. For others, it’s not even a consideration. If you are guilty of putting it off, you may be surprised to find out how important of a role custom framed art can play in accenting your interior design. You can use the information in this post to help you choose how to use wall art to create a beautiful and harmonious interior.

Use Custom Framed Wall Art to Provide a Color Palette

Color choices are among the biggest decisions you have to make when designing an interior in your Atlanta home. It can be difficult to narrow down your choices to the best colors to use in a space. You might try holding on to the paint chips until after you search for wall art. Once you find paintings or other pieces you like, use it for the inspiration to choose the rooms final color palette.  Use the art to choose the colors you want. Look of a dominant color, then add a few shades that you can use as accents. Choose corresponding paints and accessories to finish out the room’s color scheme.

Create a Focal Point

Every room in your house needs a focal point. It’s also a good idea to have one in an office space. Custom framed wall art provides a single design element that draws the eyes to that space. When you choose a piece of artwork to use as a focal point, the most important feature is its size. If it is too small, it will be dwarfed by furniture around it. If the artwork is too big it will overtake the space and make it feel awkward. Use proper measurements to know how much space you have to use.

Custom Framed Wall Art Adds Texture

It’s important to remember that not all wall art is the same. Choose artwork in a variety of mediums to help add texture to a space. You may also want to use other types of pieces like sculptures or custom made shadow boxes to add depth to a room’s décor. You may also want to custom frame screens or digital art for some areas of your home. Adding texture provides weight to interiors which helps set the tone and atmosphere for a room. Rougher textures make a space feel intimate and grounded. Smoother textures add a sleeker tone to a room.

Add A Finished Appearance

Some areas can exude a less-than-finished interior. Think about a first college apartment or your first adult space once you finished your degree. Chances are these areas were a bit rough, unfinished and empty. They probably had mostly white walls too. Custom framed wall art provides the finishing touch necessary to pull the space together and give it a feeling of completeness. The key to accomplishing a finished appearance is choosing wall art that fits with the décor and style you have chosen for the room.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Create Your Custom Frames

Your custom framed wall art doesn’t have to be the last thing you add when decorating a space. When it is used effectively, it can provide the framework for planning the rest of the room’s décor. Let us help you by creating custom frames for your wall art.