Displaying Custom Framed Certificates & Documents in the Office

Framed Columbus State Diploma

Many professionals ask if they should display custom framed certificates, diplomas, or other documentation in their Atlanta offices. Some tend to think it is a bit prideful to display documents as such. Others think it showcases expertise and professionalism. It can be confirming for clients who enter an office to know their lawyer, doctor, or other professional has completed a rigorous course of studies or that they took the time to hone the skills necessary. When it comes to the workplace, it is certainly important to be careful with what and how you display documentation.

Which Documents Should You Showcase?

Custom framed certificates, diplomas, and other documents can provide you with a sense of pride. At the very least, they are a symbol of all your hard work and efforts as well as your success in earning them. It would be easy to hang them all up! But it might not be tasteful. A cluttered workplace can erode trust with clients or make them feel uneasy. You want just the right amount to build trust not destroy it. Here are a few suggestions for what to include when you display documentation.

  • Educational Documents & Diplomas: You can’t usually go wrong by displaying custom framed certificates, degrees, and diplomas. This is especially true when they are earned from prestigious universities. Showcase your educational successes and reassure clients that you are highly qualified.
  • Work/Field-Related Awards: Any awards that are relevant to your line of work are appropriate. Include achievements that are related to the current job you are performing. This adds credibility and value to both your work and your opinion. You will be respected for going above and beyond.
  • Popularity Awards: If you run a restaurant in Atlanta, and you won an award by popular voting, by all means, frame it and display it! When the public openly selects your place of business, you earn their respect and the communities trust. Display awards that give your business a positive reputation. A custom framed certificate of appreciation can provide a positive image.

Irrelevant Documents

Every single award doesn’t belong on the office wall, especially those that are not relevant or are frivolous. Also, take down out-dated awards. Those which are older or irrelevant become clutter and do not add any value. Please remember to use discretion when you are deciding which custom framed certificates and documents to display. You want to add value and credibility.

Why You Should Display Custom Framed Certificates & Diplomas

Decorating your office is more important than just making yourself comfortable. It affects your clients and your colleagues. Using custom framed certificates, diplomas, and other documents can add an elegant touch, especially if you go for nicer, professional frames. Here are three reasons you want to pay attention to the frame as well as the documents you are displaying.

  1. Reinforces your professional image.
  2. Establishes your credibility.
  3. Motivates other employee.

It’s great to celebrate your accomplishments and it’s important to share them with others on a professional level. Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta build your custom frames so your documentation stands out from the rest.