5 Ways Custom Picture Framing Can Enhance a Room’s Décor

Many people have tons of original artwork and photographs. The trouble is deciding how to display them. Custom picture framing can add extra pizzazz to your photos or artwork. Photographs are important because they capture moments in time. They are often taken at important events that you want to remember. You may also create artwork yourself or find and purchase compelling images you feel you cannot live without. This is particularly true when artwork speaks to you. Whether you are overwhelmed with tons of photos or have your own collection of paintings, you can enhance the décor of your home with custom picture framing. Here are five ways to enhance the interior design of your home using custom framing.

Framed Home Decor

Custom Picture Framing can be Incorporated into Interior Design

Choosing custom picture framing for graphic art, photographs, or paintings adds a final touch and gives it a sophisticated, professional look. It has a real, noticeable impact on the artwork. With custom frames, your artwork and treasured photos become part of the interior design. They can provide a focal point in a room or add to a space that is lacking. If you are like most, you already have a stash of photos and artwork that you love. They just need to be properly displayed.

Cover Plain Walls

Even when you choose the perfect color of paint for a wall you don’t always want to leave it plain and boring. Finding just the right colors and décor can be a struggle. Picture framing can be the perfect solution. No more worrying about painting and repainting when you hang the right framed pictures and art on the wall. Think of the bare wall as a blank canvas. Quality custom framed pictures and artwork can drastically improve the appearance of the wall and enhance the room’s décor. It adds visual interest and gives it the needed color.

Add to the Existing Themes

Custom framed artwork and photographs can look good in any room, even if there is already an established theme. The additional picture framing can help complement the overall appearance. Wood or glass frames add a touch of elegance while metal frames establish a modern theme. Custom frames come in a variety of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes. You can easily find some that fit perfectly in any theme. An experienced custom framer in Atlanta can help you choose the right frames for your existing themes.

Add a Personal Touch

When you add a personal touch, it quickly makes your house feel like a home. Personalize rooms with photos of places or things of interest to you. Add personal memories from your life story such as photos, personal artwork, or certificates. Adding custom framed pictures helps give your house the look of home.

Use Custom Framed Pictures to Add Style

Using custom framed pictures isn’t just about the picture itself. It’s about the whole package including the style of the frame. Frames are important parts of a room’s style and design. Choose frames that are complimentary of the color scheme and interior design of the room. The images as well as the matting around the picture can stand out and provide contrast or offer a smooth design.

Contact Your Atlanta Framer for More Information

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