Why You Should Use Custom Frames for Your Memories

Three Frames on a Wall

You’ve had many special memories and each one is unique. They’re made up of school plays, special events, family vacations, work milestones, and other significant life events. Each one of them is different. Custom frames for your memories should be as unique as the memory itself.  Sure, you could go with a standard frame, but that doesn’t offer anything extra to make photos look their best or set them apart. Draw attention to them with custom frames for your memories.

A customized frame can house special memories whether you display them on a wall, on your desk, or place them throughout your workplace or home. Most of the time, people just stop by the store and grab something close to the right size and think that is good enough. But if you want to make photos and momentoes of your memories stand out, be noticed, and as unique as the memory itself, then you’re going to want to choose a custom frame.

The Trouble With Standard Frames

Even though standard frames do get the job done, but not much more. They work in a pinch if you need a quick solution just to get a photo up on the wall, shelf, or a desk. Custom frames for your memories offer a lot more possibilities and not only enhance the photo but the space it occupies as well. STandard frames only come in a few select sized. Most of them are 5×7, 4×6, or 8×10 inches.  But every picture doesn’t look its best housed in these size frames. The frames are not customized to fit the picture.

Digital photography and editing capabilities provide a little help in that you can crop and resize them. But if a picture is slightly off center or has an undesirable item in the edge that cannot be cut out you may be stuck.  Photos of unusual sizes may not have too many options for displaying them creatively in standard frames. Another issue with standard frames is often the space the memories are to be displayed in. For instance, a standard photo frame might not fit proportionately in a narrow wall space. A custom size frame will though.

Benefits of Custom Frames for Special Memories

Custom frames for special memories are unique and professional framing options. They give you a lot more than just basic frames. Your memory might be housed in a special frame like a floater frame. This custom frame displays the photo on a printed canvas in a way that makes it seem like it “floats” inside the frame without touching it. This custom frame allows for a nice view of the photo and adds a 3-D touch to the display. This and other types of custom frames make photo displays more interesting and attract more attention to the photo.

Matboard frames are another way to display photos and make them the center of attention.  The mat will provide a buffer between the photo and its surroundings setting it off. This makes it a focal point. That allows it to be seen with less distraction. Mat board comes in a variety of colors and is cut to fit inside the custom sized photo frame.

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