Custom Framing Designs for Jerseys

Matt Ryan Jersey Shadowbox

Sports fans love their teams and most have their favorite players. Jerseys are often purchased at sporting events. They also make a great gift for sports enthusiasts. A custom frame is a perfect way to preserve a jersey whether it represents your favorite team or it was the one you were wearing when you won the championship. Choosing custom framing designs for jerseys and memorabilia might be difficult if you’re not sure about the options available. 

Considerations When Choosing Custom Framing Designs for Jerseys

A custom frame design preserves a jersey and ensures it is around to be enjoyed for a long time. Some styles can also hold other sports memorabilia as well. Jersey frames protect it from damage and dust so it remains in the best condition possible. However, custom framed jerseys add a decorative element to a TV room or den. Here are a few things to consider when choosing custom framing designs for jerseys.

  • Will your framing option keep the jersey intact?
  • Will the jersey be usable once it’s framed?
  • How easy will it be to hang the frame?
  • Can the jersey be removed from the frame?
  • What materials are used in making the frame? Are they durable?
  • How difficult will it be to clean the display case or frame?
  • Will the frame’s design protect my jersey from dust, damage, and aging?
  • What color of frame best suits the jersey?
  • How deep and wide does the frame need to be?
  • What is needed to hang the case?

What are some framing options for sports jerseys?

There are a few options for framing and preserving sports jerseys. Some of the most popular options include a flat presentation, a locker-style frame, or a shadow box frame. 

Flat Framing

Custom framing for jerseys is different than artwork. Instead of using plain mat board, the matting needs to match the material since jersey is fabric. First, decide whether to display the front or the back of the jersey. Do you want the sleeves folded back or forward? A flat frame preserves the jersey and creates an attractive display. If you want to take the jersey out later or if you want other memorabilia displayed with it you’ll need another option.

Shadow Box Custom Frames

Shadow boxes are by far the most popular option for displaying sports jerseys of all kinds. It preserves the jersey while allowing room for other memorabilia. There’s room for creativity as you can place hockey pucks, sports trophies, a hat, medals, game programs, and other souvenirs with the jersey. 

Locker Style Custom Frames

The locker style custom frame is very close to the shadow box in styling. It simply has hinges added for easy access. This option is larger or deeper than a shadow box and the jersey is often displayed on a hanger. You’ll only want this style of custom framing design for your jersey if you want to be able to take it out to wear it.  Like the shadowbox, there is plenty of room for other memorabilia in the locker style frame.

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