Ideas for Custom Framed Wedding Photos

A wedding comes and goes so quickly. It appears and then it’s gone captured only in the memories of attendees and photos of friends, family, and professional photographers. You planned for months, sometimes for years and then the day is gone in a blink of the eye. While you cherish each and every photo, it seems a shame to pack them away somewhere in a box. There are some great ways to use your favorite picks. Here are a few ideas for ways to use custom framed wedding photos.

Why Use Custom Framed Wedding Photos?

Looking back through all the photos is a great way to remember such a memorable, incredible day. If they are stored on a thumb drive or tucked away into a photo album they are hard to see. You can print and custom frame your wedding photos. They can add a personal touch to any room of the house including an entryway, gallery wall or even in your master bedroom. You can also frame a few choice photos to present to your spouse or parents as a gift.

Scale for Impact

To scale for a huge impact, choose one photo that was able to capture the emotions of the event. It might be of the crowd, the outdoor festivities, or a moment with the cake or wine. Custom frame the wedding photo in a large frame. This will create a show-stopping statement! Something as classic as a reception photo can provide an unconventional take on the beautiful event. You may choose to have a customized frame without a mat just to emphasize the oversized photo and provide a nice, candid vibe.

Using Engagement Photos as Wedding Decor

Of course, you are planning to choose wedding photos to print and frame. But something else to consider is custom framing engagement photos too. Actually, custom framed engagement photos make great additions to wedding decor.

Create a Diptych

What in the world is a diptych? It’s a great idea for how to display some of your favorite custom framed wedding photos. A diptych is two photos custom framed so they are the same size. Then they are hung either in a row or a stack. This is an amazing way to provide different perspectives of the special day. These photos can be mixed up and black and white prints can offer a great statement piece. Perhaps use one picture of the newlyweds following the ceremony and one of the two saying their vows. Whatever you choose, you can show different vantage points of the special occasion.

Adding a Personal Touch

Building a gallery wall of customized wedding photos is a great option. You may also want to include a few shots of memorable places. Perhaps include a quaint coffee shop or restaurant you frequent together. Use photos that remind you of fun and special times you had during the courtship.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help

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