4 Huge Tips for Collage Custom Framing

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A unique way of displaying memories is to hang photo images in a collage. This arrangement allows several photos to be displayed together and helps preserve the memories. Collage custom framing works for a lot of different types of photo collections including graduations, weddings, and birthday milestones.

A collage arrangement may hold a series of images you took as an independent photographer. Featured items might include old barns, covered bridges, or just beautiful images of nature. Collage custom framing offers you a way to put your best shots together to tell a story or make a visual impact. Here are four tips to help you with collage custom framing.

Four Tips for Custom Framing a Collage

Choose Your Favorite Photos

As a general rule, choosing vivid, colorful photos are the best. Vibrant colored images offer the collection energy and distinction. When choosing colorful photos, make sure to select a range of colors and tones. However, just because color photos are typically the best option, don’t shy away from a collection of truly stunning black and white images.  Collage custom framing can incorporate any look you choose as long as they are self-complimentary and not in stark competition with one another.

Choose the Number of Photos According to the Size of the Collage

The size of the custom frame and the size of the photos should coordinate. If you choose smaller photos for the collage, you’ll need a smaller frame, so the photos don’t disappear in the frame’s shadow. Using too many small photos make a collage look unorganized and cramped. Choosing a larger custom frame allows you to use more images.

Let the Custom Collage Tell Your Story

While a photo collection is a great way to preserve memories, it’s also a great opportunity to share part of your story with the rest of the world. You may want to include several pictures from a single visit or a range of photos from different times and journeys. Custom framing a collage creates a dramatic visual effect. They can be arranged to show years of marriage or the development of a child over time. There are tons of ways to use it to tell your story. Be creative!

Get Advice from a Professional Framer in Atlanta

When choosing  a style for your collage custom framing, it’s important to choose one to suit your photos and your preferences. The best thing you can do is to consult with a professional framer. Contact our picture framing shop in Atlanta for a consultation. Let our fifty years of framing experience help you preserve your most memorable life events. We can help you narrate your story in a beautiful and creative way.

Ask Suburban Frames professional framers about the best collage style, matting, and frame materials that will match  your story. We have loads of ideas to help get you started. Or we can take your idea and create your custom collage framing project just the way you want it.