Understanding The Value of Custom Framing Memories

When you see a unique piece of framed artwork, or custom framed pictures, jerseys, or memorabilia, it catches your attention. Something about it makes you want to stop and try to feel the moment being presented inside the frame. There is a special beauty to unique pieces, and they can be awe-inspiring that says it deserves your attention. Custom framing memories may just be a form of artistic expression in its own right. It is a valuable asset.

Computing Your Losses

custom framed vintage photograph

Many memories need to be framed, and odd shaped or unique works of art deserve custom frames that fit properly and accentuate the piece. It deserves more than a DIY attempt at matting and a purchased standard frame. Let’s say for a minute that you decided to save a buck or two and try to do it yourself with mat boards and store-bought frames. It might look great today – assuming you did a stellar job. But in a few months, you are likely to notice it has lost its luster.

You may see a lot of fading. Your memory or special artwork is soiled forever and cannot be repaired. This could mean a huge financial loss if you tried to frame a piece of priceless art. It may mean you can’t restore memorabilia to its original condition. This type of disappointment cannot even be calculated or measured.

What happened to my memorabilia or painting?

Custom framing memories and priceless artwork helps preserve the contents from fading or becoming damaged in some other way. Standard store-bought frames are designed to display your special items, but they are not properly designed to preserve them. But it doesn’t have to be this way, you don’t have to count your losses. Talk to a professional custom framer at Suburban Frames in Atlanta about custom framing memories today.

The Impact of Light When Custom Framing Memories & Artwork

When you are getting a piece of art or memorabilia ready to frame, talk to the pros about how to choose the right glass. The right glass in a frame provides protection for the contents. Please note also, that it’s not just direct sunlight that can fade a piece. Indirect sunlight, fluorescent lighting, and other lighting options can also cause differences in the appearance of the artwork or picture. At Atlanta’s Suburban Frames, you’ll find other options like museum glass, anti-UV glass, and reflection-control glass. Discuss these options with our professional framer to determine which is best for your piece. We can help you choose the best level of protection when custom framing memories.

Design Decisions and Custom Framing Memories

When you are custom framing memories, talk to an expert about the mat board. The mat can enhance the piece, and it can provide a level of protection from wear and tear. Mats work to keep the contents separate from the glass. This avoids the two becoming fused. Conservation certified mat boards can slow down the process of acidic erosion in paper. This type of erosion causes the paper to become yellow.

Let Suburban Help with Custom Framing your Memories!

When you work with a professional custom frame shop in Atlanta, GA, it will ensure you get the framed piece you desire. Not only will you love it, your valuable piece will be able to withstand the test of time. Now that you understand a bit more about the value of custom framing memories and artwork, contact us and let us help you get the frame you are looking for.