Choosing the Right Custom Picture Frame

You chose your favorite photo to print and frame, now it’s time to choose the best custom picture frame to put it in. It can be hard to even know where to start. At Suburban Frames in Atlanta, we won’t leave you hanging. (See what we did there?) We will make sure your picture looks great in a custom picture frame. We will help you become familiar with the types of frames available and help you choose the best frame for your image, so your memories are well-preserved.

Most Popular Types of Frames

When you are looking at custom frames there is no limit to the size you can order. There are all different types and materials available as well. Some types are more popular than others. Choosing the right style can help amply the presentation of your artwork or photograph.

Wood Picture Frames

Wood is a natural material and provides a classic, warm feel. Depending on the finish a wood frame can range from light to dark and anything in between. When you consider a wood frame you’ll have an abundance of choices to complement or contrast your image. At Suburban, we’ll recommend a frame based on the image you are highlighting. Dark woods like walnut or mahogany are best used with photos that incorporate warm tones like orange, brown, or red. Photos that use cooler tones like blues, lavender, or greens will look better in lighter wood frames made out of woods like pine, ash, or oak.

light wood picture frame

We can help you choose a wood frame that matches the décor of the room where it will be placed. They can range from simple designs to complex details. Different styles like country, rustic, chic, or traditional will need a different type of frame and we can help you find the right one.

Metallic Picture Frames

Metallic frames offer a modern, trendy vibe. They can lift the colors from a photograph and make it more eye-catching and vibrant. It can look classy, so a metallic frame works well for family portraits, wedding photos, and scenic landscapes. In contrast, candid shots may look better in a wood, white, or black frame. It is good to note that black and white photos pair well with a metallic frame.

White or Black Custom Picture Frames

Black has an air of elegance while white leans toward a casual look. Either frame, black or white, can accentuate the photograph and bring out the true beauty. Black frames will tend to bring out the darker features and act as a contrast to lighter features. To create a balanced look, use a photograph with both light and dark tones in a black frame.

A white frame is similar as they tend to make the dark areas in photos and images stand out. They will push the lighter hues into the background where they tend to blend in. White frames are the better choice for candid and casual photos.

A gallery wall is a great place to display black and white photos in solid colored frames. It fosters a stylish, artistic feel.

Let Suburban Frames Help

If you are in the Atlanta area, Suburban Frames can help you choose the best custom frame for your photos or artwork. We have over 5 years of experience in custom frames and will help you find the most suitable frame for your photographs and ensure you get the effect you desire. Contact us today and let us help YOU.