Ideas for Capturing and Custom Framing Drone Photography

Many are venturing into aerial photography by using drones. It’s not only one of the fastest-growing hobbies, drones are being used in a variety of industry settings. If you don’t have a drone yet, you can hire someone who has experience in drone photography. But drones are becoming more accessible and affordable making it a viable option for interested hobbyists. Custom framing drone photographs turns captured memories, dramatic moments, and nature into images that can be enjoyed for a long time.

Aerial photography has been used for years to capture intriguing views. Now you can easily capture unique views of your house, wedding, or other events. Here are a few creative ideas for capturing unique perspectives and then having them custom framed.

Drone Photo of Your Home

Drone photos of property have already caught on in the real estate industry. Potential homebuyers can see the outside of the property as well as gain a sense of the neighborhood. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, you can see your home from a totally different angle. The sky view of your roofline, pool, or the forest bordering the back fence can make a great conversation piece and be something you cherish through the years.

Business Drone Photographs

Turn office walls into advertising space with a nice drone photograph. You probably already have lots of things hanging in offices and taking up wall space. Certificates, company policies, artwork, and maybe inspiring quotes are lining office walls. Consider using drone photography to boost these displays. Outdoor products or activities engaged in or provided by your company could make an aesthetic difference. Think about pools, ski resorts, boats, vehicles, and other tangible items that represent your business. Even for those in businesses without tangible products, aerial drone photos can be exceptional additions to office décor.

Weddings and Other Events

Photos are typical keepsakes of events and weddings. They help you relive fond memories for years to come. Custom framing drone photography of a panoramic view of an outdoor wedding can make a stunning display. Any outdoor event can provide the perfect setting for a panoramic drone image. The movement of drones can capture moments like no camera can. Maybe you want a shot of a beach volleyball game from above. Or capture you and several friends playing flag football or even chilling at a park. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to taking drone photos.

Nature and Scenic Landscapes

Ever seen a sweeping shot of an inspiring landscape in a movie? Sometimes they give the viewer a perspective of where they are and how far they are from home or how far they’ve been carried away. Drone photography can capture expansive nature, an entire horizon, a forest, or a whole city block. Experimenting with the types of scenic shots you can capture is half the fun. Custom framing drone photos will let you enjoy the moment just a little bit longer.

Custom Framing Drone Photography in Atlanta

Your own custom framed aerial photographs are great conversation starters. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of your home or business. Maybe you’d like to capture your wedding or event from a unique perspective. If you have your custom drone photograph, suburban Frames in Atlanta has the experience and expertise to put the final touches on it with a custom frame. Call us today and let us help you with custom framing drone photographs!