The Professional Office Custom Framing

There can be different job titles like office manager, front desk coordinator, director of operations, or executive assistant. It’s likely your tasks are varied too. You may spend the morning looking over resumes or making out work schedules. But when it’s time to decorate an Atlanta office, this may fall into your professional capacity too.

Custom Framing and Office Décor

Custom framing can be part of your décor no matter what the profession. A solo dentist or doctor office, multi-person law practice, a large corporation or hospital, or a mid-size municipal building can all benefit from custom framing projects. Custom frames can transform any office area into a comfortable place for visitors, patients, or clients.

Using Custom Framed Artwork

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A cozy waiting room is appreciated by all, especially if it’s decorated with custom framed artwork. Custom framing makes a doctor’s vacation photos or a lawyer’s wife’s watercolor works stand out while providing a sense of relaxation. Personal pieces like these can provide opportunities for small talk with patients or clients.

In general, you don’t have to decorate an office, hallway, or waiting room with specific brand colors. You can incorporate colors into the custom framing project that compliments the piece of art or photo. You can also choose colors that will be calming. You may choose from a variety of frames including thin, metal frames, or custom wood frames for your piece. Then choose matting that compliments the artwork or photo, or that coordinates with the room’s décor and color scheme.

Choosing Art that Relates to Office Custom Frames

Another way to decorate is to choose artwork that relates to the industry or practice. You can keep it simple, but fun. In a law office, you might choose to custom frame legal documents or prints of the scales of justice. Pediatric offices can transform a patient’s drawings and artwork into masterpieces by choosing the right custom frame. Imagine how a child would feel to see their artwork custom framed and on display the next time they came to visit!

Some businesses may benefit from using photos of previous work. This can also be beneficial for helping potential clients see what can be done for them. For example, photographed, framed, and displayed photos of your work as an interior designer can speak volumes. Construction companies can showcase some of their finished products to demonstrate their building expertise. It may also be as simple as custom framing your brand or logo. Any achievements like awards and certificates can be excellent choices for custom framing.

Let Suburban Frames of Atlanta Help!

Suburban Frames has been serving and beautifying the Atlanta area since 1969. Let our experience and expertise help you choose the right custom frames for your office or industry setting. Don’t let worrying about custom framing in your Atlanta office be just another task on your to-do list. We can work with you no matter the size of the office or the size of your budget. Let us help you decorate your professional area with exceptional custom framed artwork or photos today!