Decorating with a Custom Framed Mirror

custom framed mirror

If you are looking for an elegant way to add light, sophistication, and style to a space, consider custom framing a mirror. They provide reflected light to brighten darker areas or rooms or they can reflect and enhance a beautiful view. A custom framed mirror can also give a room a good sense of space and make it seem larger. Here are five ideas for placing a decorative custom frame mirror.

Choosing a Location

When selecting an area to place a decorative custom framed mirror, take a minute to think about what it’s going to reflect. It may reflect light from a nearby window making the entire space light up. You may want to place it so it reflects a favorite piece of art. But beware, it can also reflect cluttered shelves or dirty clothes baskets. Take a moment to think about what you want to accentuate in your Atlanta home.

Choosing a Frame

Your mirror may be a family heirloom or something you picked up at a local antique store or flea market. The frame is going to be the most decorative part. Feel free to make a bold choice. Maybe you want to go with something more exotic or something bold. You can also choose an unusual finish or design based on your personal decorative flare. These types of frames often overpower photographs or artwork but will look great when accenting a mirror.

Think About the Size

Mirrors are often made using thicker glass. This is to avoid distracting flexing and distortions in the reflection. They can be heavier than you think. Make sure to choose a custom frame that will be able to hold the weight well. Using a larger frame on a larger mirror will also help keep it balanced and proportional. Talk to a professional at Suburban Frames in Atlanta about matching the frame size with the mirror.

Think Past the Wall

Many times there is an obligation to hang a mirror on a wall. But think past tradition. A large mirror can sit on the floor and lean back against the wall to provide an elegant tone. It may be leaned on a shelf or mantel and serve as a backdrop for other decorative items or smaller framed artwork.

Don’t Avoid Small Spaces

Mirrors are not just for use in large open areas, they can be used to open up smaller spaces too. Strategically placed, they can reflect light from a dining room chandelier. They can also give the illusion of more space. While you do want to use mirrors proportional to the space they will occupy, they can open up smaller space, so don’t avoid considering them altogether.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help!

Don’t be afraid to be bolder with your custom frame mirrors. A framed mirror can be timeless, elegant, and practical. They can lift a space and compliment any style. Let us help you choose the perfect custom frame for mirrors to decorate your Atlanta, Georgia home.