5 Signs You Should Choose a Custom Frame

Are you wondering about if you should frame an item or two in your home? You can’t really call it good décor if you have a prized photo taped to the wall behind your desk. You may have a lot Instagram photos you’d like to show off, even to those who are not on social media. How do you know if something is frame-worthy? It can be a bit different for each person. Even if you choose to custom frame, how do you narrow down the phots or items you want to showcase by hanging in your home. Here are five ways to tell if something should be custom framed.

You Just Can’t Stop Showing it Off

Photographs often become cherished and precious memorabilia. There’s a lot of history behind the statement, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” They tell a life story and say a lot about experiences. Everyone has special photos, think about how many photos make up your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media feeds. Do you find you are inclined to share specific photos with your friends and family? This is a pretty good sign it deserves a custom frame.

Framing photos lets you show off the memory with a deserving display. You won’t regret getting your memories custom framed whether you show them off in your home, workplace, or anywhere else.

The Piece Accents Your Space Well

If you have a piece you know will accent your space well, consider going ahead and framing it. A custom frame can tie a room together. One consideration for deciding whether a piece would look good in your home is the décor and interior design style of the space. Color schemes, different pieces, and custom frames can match specific room décor and styles.

Choose a Custom Frame If It Would Make a Good Gift

Sometimes you look at a photo and just know it would make a great gift. Many items could be custom framed to create a memorable gift for a friend, colleague or loved one. Many memories would make excellent gifts for holidays and special occasions. A custom frame can create a lasting and beautiful display for memories and personal gifts. Photos, memorabilia, tickets, jerseys, and artwork are all great gifts.

Makes a Style Statement

A photograph or a piece of artwork can make a bold statement. The perfect piece can let others see a lot about you without saying a word. Custom framed artwork or photographs express feelings as strong as spoken words. If you find a piece that speaks to you, it may also convey that message to those who see it. Choosing the right frame can make your message even bolder.

It’s Something Important to You

Photos, artwork, and memorabilia can say a lot about who you are and the moments that have mattered the most to you. Adding a custom framed display can personalize a space with items that are important, sentimental, or inspirational to you. If you have something that is important to you, it’s certainly worthy of being custom framed.  Consider things like a family photo, artwork done by a close friend, a poster from a favorite movie, travel mementos, or recipes. Don’t stuff these times in a drawer, they deserve more. Instead, use them to create a special display.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help

We have over 50 years of experience and expertise ready to help you choose a custom frame. If you have a photo, artwork, memorabilia, or other meaningful items needing custom framed, please contact us. We are in Atlanta, Georgia and ready to help you custom frame anything from heirlooms to sport’s jerseys. Contact us today and let us help you!