5 Essentials of Custom Framing Nature Photos

If you spend much time in nature, you’ll probably see a lot of photographers trying to catch the perfect natural shot. You may be hoping to do the same. Let’s face it, nature makes great photo opportunities from wildlife to panoramic landscapes, flowers to natural habitats. These types of photos are also great opportunities for custom framing. Whether you are a novice photographer, a professional, or are just exploring a new hobby, there are some essentials you need to understand before starting the custom framing process. Here are five important details.

Leveraging The Impact of Color in Custom Framed Nature Photographs

Eye-catching hues are found throughout nature. Capturing these palettes of colors through photography is one thing, using them to influence your custom framing decisions is another. One example is the cardinal. Who isn’t captivated by their splendid bright red color? Think about choosing a bright red custom frame to create a stunning visual impact. Glowing fog is often a great subject for photographers. Choose a green frame to accent the intensity of the photo. Sometimes, a simple and elegant black or white frame brings out the aesthetic beauty of your subject. Mats and even double mats can be used to enhance an image. Don’t overlook the huge role that colors can play when choosing custom framing products.

Leveraging Lighting Effects for Exceptional Custom Framed Nature Photos

Lighting is an essential element when hanging custom framed works in any genre, but it’s particularly important with custom framed photos. Whether photographing nature is a hobby, or you are a pro, you most likely know about the “golden hour” just before sunset or right after sunrise. When you capture nature’s perfect light in a photo, you want the right kind of custom frame to draw it out. You might highlight it with a metal frame or draw out the magical hues with a double mat.

Why Does Matting Matter?

A lot of nature photography incorporates the use of a matboard. The choice of matting products is based on three factors: the purpose, the style, and your budget. Most consider matting to be a best practice because it creates a visual break between the frame and the photo. But some photographers choose not to use a mat. There are some photos that a mat board that would interfere with the image. One example is an animal photographed on a white background. If you do choose to use matting for your custom framed nature photos, think about the aesthetics. There are plenty of options from white mats to color cores. Matting choices are useful for maximizing wall space, deepening the substance of a photo, or adding visual interest.

Working with Acrylic Plexiglass

One of the most critical components when custom framing nature photos is acrylic plexiglass. It serves to protect and preserve your photo. Acrylic is shatterproof, lightweight, and acid-free so it prevents your photograph from being damaged by harmful substances. Acrylic is widely used for framing all types of photography and artwork. However, there are some points to ponder. If you print your photo on resin-like highly coated paper, don’t choose non-glare acrylic. It can counteract the properties of this type of paper. Where you plan on displaying your nature photo plays a role in your choices too. If you are planning on placing it in an area that receives sunlight, choose acrylic with UV properties.

The Value of Custom Frames for Nature Photos

When it comes to custom framing nature photos, you want to feel like you have control over the process. Off-the-shelf products, like those you find in most stores, don’t offer a realistic or optimal view of your photography. Custom framing nature photos allows you the privilege of customization. You can frame your photos any way you like. Do you work in black & whites? Maybe you prefer traditional aesthetic choices or bolder ones? Do you plan on displaying your photos in a home gallery? Custom framing nature photos gives you the freedom of making all the right choices for you. At Suburban Frames in Atlanta, we want to make sure you get to display your photos in the way you prefer every single time.

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