What a Professional Custom Framer Can do For You

If you have never had a photo or artwork custom framed, it may seem a little bit overwhelming. You may be unsure of where to start and what questions you should ask. If you are an artist, or just wanting to frame a family memory, teaming up with an experienced framer can be the best move to make. They can help you protect your art, photographs, or memories.

Advantages of Working with a Professional Framer

Knowledge and Experience

Professional framers have the experience and expertise to care for your prized possession and know how to do it with care. A professional framer at Suburban Frames in Atlanta will help walk you through the framing and design process. There are many decisions to make such as choosing mat boards, glass, and frame materials.

Preservation of Artwork or Memories

A pro custom framer can provide you with ideas on how to preserve your artwork or photos. There are several ways to preserve your unique piece. They can suggest ways for mounting and displaying the work after it has been preserved by custom framing. The framer can also recommend how to take care of the final product.

A Professional Framer Can Assist You with Options

There are tons of different options when it comes to frame materials, colors, styles, mat boards, and more. A pro framer can offer you a variety of options that will be appropriate for displaying your piece while helping to maintain the medium. Artwork, in particular, may be created of oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, or another medium that needs to be protected. Your frame designer can provide expertise on the type of frame that will complete your piece. They can help with color selections that help create an eye-catching display.

What types of questions will a custom framer in Atlanta ask me?

When you talk to your Atlanta framing professional, they will ask you a few general questions about you, your home décor, and the piece you want to be framed. They will need to understand the color scheme and basic design where the framed piece is going to be hung. Most of the time, custom-framed pieces will meld with any décor. Basically, a well-designed frame will fit anywhere.

The framer may also ask what you have in mind or if you have a specified budget that needs to be adhered to. They may also ask about special needs for displaying the piece. For instance, you’ll need to let them know if you are hanging it in a bathroom.

What types of questions should you ask a custom framer?

If you have any special concerns about your piece, write them down before you go see your Atlanta custom frame professional. Don’t hesitate to ask for explanations about preservation techniques or framing methods you are not familiar with. You can also ask the framer to explain the differences between glass, mat board, and framing options.

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