Custom Frames for Your Game Room

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Many modern Atlanta homes have a game room. It may go by some other name in your neighborhood. Maybe you call it your office, tv room, home theater, or man cave. But it’s your hangout and you want to be surrounded with stuff you enjoy without fear or judgment. Who doesn’t need space to reboot or just be themselves? Decorating a game room is fun, but it’s also important to you.

It’s pretty easy to figure out the types of things you want to include in your game room, right? Gaming devices, big screen TV, foosball table, and more. But what on earth are you going to do with the walls? They can actually be just as much fun to decorate, especially if you want to use custom frames.

Custom Frames for Game-Themed Prints

You can find a lot of game-themed printables online. Independent artists use sites like Etsy to set up shop. You can find lots of ideas and items there. Sites like that have a variety of gamin-based posters and prints. You can also frame your own prints or memorabilia if you would like. Custom framed movie posters make great décor. Broaden your horizon a little bit and think anime, movies, comics, and anything else you enjoy.

Think in Color

Your game room won’t be lacking color if you go with prints and posters of comics, movies, and video games. They are usually filled with great blues, reds, and greens. You can also use colored frames and mat boards to create outstanding wall decorations for your space.

Don’t Forget Non-Framed Items

It’s likely that your favorite characters are busy and colorful. Your custom framed displays may be a bit busy too. Add in some action figures or some shelving alongside framed items to add to the atmosphere. If you have some action figures or other items to display, consider a shadow box. A custom-made shadow box is an excellent way to show off and enjoy your favorite memorabilia.

Consider a Wall Scroll

Wall scrolls are popular today too and you may have seen them if you’ve been to a comic shop. A wall scroll is made of fabric and is suspended by rings along the top. They usually have a picture of a popular scene or character on them. They are sort of like a poster, but you can roll and unroll it over and over without it tearing up. Suburban Frames can make a custom frame for wall scrolls too as long as they are not too thick. Plus, a frame makes it stand out even more.

Up Your Frame Game

If you are custom framing for a game room, you want to make sure you get it just like you want it. Think of it as your haven, your retreat. Do whatever makes you happy! Everyone should be totally at home in their own spaces. Having a room dedicated to your hobbies and interests can make you content and happy.

Let Atlanta’s Suburban Frames Help!

We have over 50 years of custom framing experience. Contact us today and learn how we can help you with custom frames for all your prized memorabilia, movie posters, and more! Let us help you decorate your Atlanta home!