It’s Time to Frame Those Travel Photos

traveling by plane

2020 was a wild and crazy year like no other as the pandemic and concerns over safety shut down most of the world. Borders closed and most travels came to a stop. But over the last few months, travel has begun to pick back up. Whether you are ready to hit the airways and roadways again or are still waiting for a green light, now is a great time to custom frame your travel photos new and old. Custom framed photos from your journies make great keepsakes. They are a perfect way to update your décor and share your wonderful memories from around the world.

5 Tips Custom Framing Travel Photos

Make a Huge Statement

Travel photos can be generated in pretty much any size or shape. If you have plenty of space or a large wall, print one of your favorites in an extra-large size. Custom framing a large photo you can hang over a sofa or fill the space of a large empty wall can have a huge impact on your décor and make your own personal style statement. Printing the photo in black and white and using a black custom frame can create a gorgeous effect.

Don’t Limit Your Imagination

Every travel photo doesn’t have to be a landscape or famous structure. As long as they remind you of the trip you took, you can custom frame images of people, unique architecture, exotic plants, or animals. You can change an original travel photo into a conversation piece by hanging in where all can see. Guests and family members will want to know the story behind it. Choosing a destination photoshoot with your family creates a memorable photo and a travel photo all rolled into one.

Phone to Wall Travel Photos

You can take your artistic travel photos from your phone to your wall in your Atlanta home. Smaller images can post problems as they get grainy when the resolution changes. But you can keep the image smaller and add a weighted mat to compensate. Even Instagram photos will work using the right mats.

Create a Cool Shelfie with Travel Photos

If you want to do something a little bit different, or don’t want to hang your travel photos, try a shelfie. A custom-framed photo on a shelf is easily moved around as you see fit. You may want to frame several photos and change them out with the seasons.

Create a Huge Gallery

What if you have a lot of travel photos and you just can’t choose a favorite? You don’t have to! Use a wall to create a gallery and display your love of travel. To maintain consistency, choose a color scheme or a common destination or theme. Create a cohesive design and gallery by custom framing travel photos from one area or region you love to visit.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help!

Let us use our years of experience and expertise to help you with custom-framed travel photos. We can help you achieve the look and feel you want in your Atlanta home or office. What a great way to express yourself to friends, coworkers, or guests! Call us today and so we can get started on custom framing your favorite travel photos.