Tips for Placing New Custom Framed Art in Your Atlanta Home

artwork over a mantel

The holidays are behind us and most of the world is ready to start a new year hoping it will be a lot different than last year. We cautiously move into 2021 and hope for a new beginning. Maybe it’s time to move slowly forward and put last year’s memories behind us. After you’ve put away your Christmas decorations, maybe it’s time to look for a fresh new look in your home. Custom framed art can help revitalize a room and even your entire home in Atlanta. Let’s take a look at how to use the new year and new custom framed art to transform areas of your home.

Finding a Place for Custom Framed Art Additions in Your Home

The Fireplace and Mantel

Artwork is an essential interior design element. It can provide visual interest in large and small areas. You can arrange an entire collection, add a few small pieces, or just a single large piece, and transform a room. When hanging custom framed art over a fireplace or mantel choose a color first. It should match the overall color scheme of the living room or den. To keep your living room comfy, cozy, and welcoming avoid making it too uniform in appearance. Use multiple pictures to provide a layered look or prop up vignettes above the mantel.

Over Your Sofa

It can be easy to go a bit overboard when hanging custom framed art over the sofa. Pieces should be about 2/3 the sofa’s width. Large pieces should start about a hand-width above the top of the sofa. This puts the artwork at eye level. Remember that balance is the perfect key to an eye-pleasing display. If you want to hang multiple pieces over the sofa, then put the larger, single piece at the bottom and to the left for a balanced appearance. If you’d like a nice asymmetrical pattern incorporating several different sizes, hang the large piece in the center and the smaller ones to the sides. Altogether, the artwork should still not be more than two-thirds the width of the sofa.

Artwork in the Kitchen

The kitchen has been the most used room in 2020 there’s no doubt. As the holiday season comes to a halt, it might be the perfect time to consider changing out traditional décor for something new and exciting. To modernize your kitchen’s décor by adding custom framed art, look for bold and bright prints with lots of shapes to bring new life.

Bedroom Décor and Custom Framed Art

You’ll want to keep your bedroom décor calmer, maybe even dreamlike. Avoid brightly colored artwork with lots of busy designs or you may find yourself anxious when it’s time to wind down for the night. Your first step should be to declutter the walls and then intentionally replacing the pieces. Custom frame landscape scenes can be relaxing. You can use a central piece to set the stage on the wall over the bed.

Artwork and Bathrooms

You don’t want to hang your prized artwork in the bathroom, let’s be honest. With that being said, though, you can make a statement by using custom framed art in this small, but important room. There is always a chance of water damage due to humidity and condensation. Choose pieces you can replace easily. Consider something unique like a custom framed postcard collage. Artwork should be on the wall directly in front of the door. Guest bathrooms and those without showers provide safer wall space to hang custom framed artwork along with shelves and other décor.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help!

We are all tired of 2020 and it’s the perfect time to try something new when it comes to artwork and décor. At Suburban Frames in Atlanta, we have the experience and expertise to custom frame art, expertly craft shadow boxes, and frame memorabilia. Contact us today and let us help you give your home a makeover.