How to Use Custom Frame Photos to Create an In-Home Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to bring blank walls or empty spaces to life. Years ago, they were called “salon walls.” Even though the name was retired long ago, the gallery wall as an aesthetic appeal has stood the test of time. It’s a perfect option to beautify and personalize an area while telling your story. Whether you use family photos or custom frame nature photos. Add in a few mirrors, clocks, or other elements to mix it up and add more appeal. Here is how to make an in-home gallery wall.

Choose a Style

It’s time to get your concept out in real life. What do you like in a décor? Do you like minimalism? Perhaps you like geometric spaces and symmetry? Maybe you like eccentricity. It comes down to what you want your story to be about. Once you determine that, start with a main centerpiece, then build complementary ideas around it. Here are a few styling ideas.

  • Modern: Choose a modern style if you love crisp profiles and clean lines. It’s even, well-balanced, and put the eyes at ease while drawing them toward custom framed photos or prints for focal points. Metal frames offer thinner profiles to help create clean lines. Also, wide matboards help create a modern vibe.
  • Classic: The classics are never out of style. They are showstopping yet unassuming. This type of décor can turn your gallery wall into a spectacle since the imagery does the talking. Start with the main goal of not overpowering the rest of your décor. Choose simple, black, or white frames, or use black and white photos with neutral custom frames.
  • Eclectic: This style is great for removing all boundaries. Use prints, decals, custom framed mirrors, and a healthy mix of custom picture frames. Add some fun and flair to create your in-home gallery wall. Mix in colors, shapes, and textures. Use anything that makes you smile.

Get Those Measurements

You want to maximize your space, right? Then, you’re going to need a plan. Start by taking measurements. Measure the wall space you have to work with. Focus on keeping it centered above any furnishings underneath the space. You’ll want to leave a little space on the sides to support symmetry. Then, measure each of your items. Make sure to get the exact sizes of the custom frames, mirrors, and other items you may be hanging on your gallery wall. Measure the height, width, and how far it is from the top of the frame to the hanging wire.

To ensure your in-home gallery wall has a pleasing eye flow, make sure to allow some space between the frames. Ideally, the distance should be between two and six inches. Once you have all the measurements, map them out on paper. Eyeballing the gallery wall is pretty risky. Making a sort of map on a piece of paper helps you create an eye-appealing design and ensure everything is in its proper place.

Let Suburban Frames Help You Create Your Space!

Are you ready to create your own in-home gallery wall? Do you have a few items that still need a custom frame? At Suburban Frames in Atlanta, we can help you create the style you want and help you coordinate your custom frames. We can custom-frame mirrors, photos, or family pictures. Call us today, and let us put our expertise and experience to work for you!