Top 5 Custom Framing Ideas for Geeks!

In a time, not so long ago, in this very galaxy, you became a geek. People geek out on different things, whether it’s a trek across stars or superheroes. Do you remember the first time you geeked out on something? Once you found your geek-o-meter, you probably started to pour your unbridled affection into it. The latest term, “Geek Chic,” is a constantly evolving world. We’ve got 5 great custom framing ideas to help you celebrate your geekery and incorporate it into your personal style.

Custom Frame Acrylic Prints

Geeks live to take command of their own space. It’s easy to do that by custom framing acrylic prints of your favorite scenes. So, whether you want to celebrate the final frontier or sprawling green Middle Earth, it is yours to command. Large acrylic prints can make you feel like you can jump into the adventure at any time. That is what we’ll call Geek Chic in warp speed! The sky really is the limit for using a custom framed print as the focal point of your room.

Custom Frame Movie Posters

You may remember covering your dorm room with movie posters back in the day. Now, you can use the concept to create your personal space in your home theater, basement, or game room. Share your fandom with your guests by framing a poster of your favorite movie. You may want to custom frame a rare movie print, lithographs, or a special edition poster.

Custom Shadowbox for Video Game Geeks

Do you remember your first game console? Maybe it was a Nintendo or a Genesis. Maybe you are old enough to recall Intellivision or the Atari 2600. Nothing is more nostalgic for video game fanatics than the feeling of the plastic controller in your hand. Capture the evolution of your favorite game controllers with a custom shadowbox. You can display game controllers in their sequential order. Think of it like a resume of your video game experiences. Use it to showcase your mastery in your living room or gaming room.

Famous Autographs

Remember the time you met the person who made your favorite character come alive to you? Then you handed them your picture, and they signed it? Or they signed your movie poster or other memorabilia? Of course, you’re going to want a custom frame for it. You may want to go with a shadowbox, depending on the sizes. Either that or a custom framed autographed photo will look great in any room of the house.

Custom Framed Rare Comics

Only the serious geek collector goes for rare comics, right? What’s your geeky comic collection look like? Do you own a first edition like Adventure Comics, Batman No.1? Or the Amazing Fantasy NO. 15, which is where Spidey made his debut? Any vintage print or rare comic can provide a great decorative touch in a mancave, game room, or home theater. They can even be hung together in an office. Frame your comic collection using great complimentary mats and UV protective glass to ensure they are preserved safely. You are sure to impress your friends, family, and guests with custom-framed comic books.

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