4 Tips for Custom Framing Documents

Almost everyone has that one drawer or file cabinet where they stash their extra stuff. Maybe for you, it’s a box and or a desk drawer that you rarely venture into. But there are some things that you want to make sure never get sucked into the deep dark chasms there. For instance, important documents.

You may have had a few come to mind. There are those documents that carry extra meaning for you. Maybe it’s your graduation diploma, your child’s first artistic masterpiece, or a handwritten letter from a grandparent. Irreplaceable photos and documents deserve to be preserved. Custom framing documents are an excellent choice. You can preserve what’s important to you as well as hang it up where you can share it with others. Here are four tips for custom framing documents.

Tip 1: Choose Acid-Free Matboards

One of the most important elements when custom framing documents is the matboard. The frame is important, of course, but what’s inside is too. You’ll want to choose a color that is complementary to your document. The mat board adds a touch of class to the presentation. Talk to the pros at Suburban Frames in Atlanta about your matboard material. It should not contain acids that could harm your document over time. You want an acid-free mat board since they are designed to help preserve documents.

Tip 2: Choose UV Protective Glazing

Another way to provide extra protection when custom framing documents is to choose UV protective glass. Think of it like putting on sunblock to protect your skin. You will want to keep your document, like your graduation diploma, hanging on your wall for years. UV protective glazing will protect it from sun damage. Even if your diploma or other document is going to be hanging in a room without as much natural sunlight, you still want the protective glazing. Any type of light can affect documents over time. If you are framing delicate items like an original birth certificate, or antique papers, it’s a must.

Tip 3: Choosing a Hang Spot for Custom Framed Documents

Of course, one reason for custom framing documents is to hang them up for display. Where you hang them is an important choice. If you are preserving documents like antique certificates or vintage photos, you want to avoid hanging them near large windows where they’ll have lots of exposure to the sun. It’s equally as important to consider the climate of the room where you’ll be hanging documents. Basements make a great man cave, but if it’s too humid, it’s not the best climate for custom-framed documents.

Tip 4: Choosing a Custom Frame for Your Documents

A custom wood frame around a diploma is always an elegant option. It’s also a timeless classic. You may want to choose a gorgeous dark wood custom frame to set your diploma or other documents apart and share how special they are to you. The custom frame can be made of any width, so the design is complementary to the frame’s contents. But don’t be afraid to go with something with more color if that’s your flavor. Color custom frames can often provide just as much emotional resonance. If you are framing a diploma, opt for school colors that will instantly fill you with pride. Choose a vibrant color to showcase your child’s artwork and make it dance with joy. There are no hard-fit rules to follow. Make it yours!

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Help You Preserve Memories

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