4 Great Custom Frame Gift Ideas for New Parents

For parents, pregnancy and raising children are emotional experiences. But we’ve all heard the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This speaks to the truth that an entire community provides positive interactions for children and can also help out if needed. This is just one of the reasons it’s fun to give gifts to new or expecting parents. However, finding the perfect gift is not an easy task. Only about 40% of all American households include children, which leaves 60% who may be clueless about what a new parent needs for a child. There is no substitute for a heartfelt gift that can capture the magic of the moment and one that will be remembered for many years. That’s where a custom frame gift comes into play. Let’s take a look at four great gift ideas for new parents.

Custom Frame Gift Birth Announcement

Parents are quick to mail or email birth announcements and share a photo of their new baby. They include all the details like name, date, time of birth, weight, and length. Creating a custom frame birth announcement as a gift for a new parent makes a beautiful display. They will enjoy the gift and cherish it for years. Here are a couple of tips to help you when choosing a custom frame.

  • A custom frame should be complimentary of the style of the birth announcement. Custom framing provides plenty of options so you can get just the right look.
  • Matboard comes in a variety of colors and helps create a visual transition between the frame and the announcement. It also creates a separation between the acrylic and paper announcements.
  • A custom frame matches the dimensions and is tailored perfectly to the size of the paper.

Custom Frame maternity or Newborn Photographs

Maternity photos offer a glimpse into a special time of the mother and child. Once the baby gets older, they will appreciate the photos. Newborn photos capture the first moments or days in the life of the baby and help preserve the joy experienced by the parents and siblings. These factors make a custom framed gift photograph a thoughtful option. A custom framed collection of maternity and newborn photos can be displayed and enjoyed by families for a lifetime.

There are several ways to display and showcase more than one maternity or newborn photo. You may want to make a single collage of photos in a single custom frame. Another option is to custom frame several photos and creates a gallery wall with them.

Custom Framed Baby Shower Guest Book Notes

Most baby showers have a table decorated with stationery and pens for family and friends to use to write well wishes and notes to the parents. This is a great opportunity to create a custom framed piece to commemorate these incredibly meaningful expressions and preserve them for the parents. Collect individual hand-written notes and create a collage. Custom framed notes make a great gift for parents of newborns and can be added to the nursery décor.

Create a Custom Frame Shadow Box

A shadow box is a special type of custom frame. Wood is used to create a box to display items that are larger than a photograph. An acrylic front displays memorabilia for all to see. There are many ways to create the perfect look. Since the shadow box is customized, it can be made at any depth. You can include many special items. Just a few ideas for a shadow box include:

  • A special baby outfit or dress
  • Childhood items like rattles or booties
  • Create a custom family tree that includes descriptions and photos
  • Pressed flowers and guest book from the baby shower or party

Protect Life’s Most Precious Memories with a Custom Frame Gift

Memories that commemorate a child’s birth are very personal and memorable. By preserving maternity or newborn baby memories you give parents a gift that will be enjoyed for years. Not sure where to begin? Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta help! We’ve got decades of experience and expertise and we’ll be happy to help you craft the perfect gift for new parents or a baby shower.