Choosing Custom Frames and Decorating with Color

Do you remember those “first days of school”? One thing most kids found fun was having a new box of crayons to explore. Didn’t it make your imagination run wild thinking of all the things you could create? Sometimes, it was too exciting, making it hard to know which color to start with. With all the recent interior design color trends, you may be feeling much the same way. Colors help us express our personalities, set the tone, create focal points, and much more. So, when you consider decorating with color, inspiration is everywhere. Add the creative, unique element of custom frames, and you’ve got a win-win decorating situation. Here are some interior design tips and how choosing custom frames come into play.

It is good to note that too much of a good thing can turn out to be bad, right? Coloring outside the lines can be fun, but it also helps if you know where you want to start adding pops of color to a room. If you are ready to tap into your childhood mind, grab a crayon, and check out these tips on decorating with color and using custom frames.

Use Custom Frames and Colors to Tell a Story

Great decorating makes a room as easy to read as a book. You have the main characters, an engaging theme, and an exciting plot twist in a book. You can think of your space in some of the same ways. For example, you may have a favorite piece or custom-framed heirloom you want to be showcased. You can make it the main character by using complementary colors to build a supporting cast. Do you have a favorite color? Turn it into a theme in your bedroom.

Maybe you already have a space trying to tell you a tale. Take a minute to read the room and put what it’s already saying together in a storyline. Need an example? Do you have a room that has a lot of natural light? Add some dark accents by using custom frames along with some shading elements to bring out the contrast between the light and dark. What do you do if you have a nice, clean, neutrally shaded room? Choose custom frames for your favorite nature photos and change them out to match the seasons throughout the year. If you want to save time and money, use what your rooms are already giving you.

Stay Cool with Blue

Blue is in when it comes to fashion and interior decorating. There are many variations from teal to turquoise, navy blue to peacock, and baby blue to midnight blue. Blue has a psychological effect that calms and soothes emotions. That’s why it’s not used in restaurants and kitchens. Even though it evokes serenity, it’s not gloomy. Blue’s versatility is wider than most other colors. It can be used as a neutral similar to gray, taupe, or white. But you can pair it with a neutral and create a bold accent. The coolest thing about blue is it can be paired with itself. If your favorite picture has blue hues, a deep blue custom picture frame can make it pop. But putting that dark-framed blue image on a light blue wall provides a stunning effect. If you love blue, don’t be afraid to try a blue-themed room.

Blue is trendy, but it’s also a classic, timeless color. If you want to go for a classic look, try pairing navy blue with white. Remember that famous willow ceramic pattern from the 18th century? Going with blue may just fill the scene with enduring energy that can’t be denied.

white interior with custom framed artwork for accents

Keeping it Clean

Have you ever stared at a blank canvas? It can be a little bit exciting and somewhat nerve-racking at the same time. Many artists will tell you that art happens somewhere in the middle of that tension. Sometimes, the best place to start is in a clean white space. White is another classic color, but it remains trendy too. When decorating, you can wield white to create a simple pattern or to embolden the room. If you want to create a bright space, white is your best choice. Crisp, bright white fills the room with a lightness. You can either start with white using dark accents to tone the brightness to the level you desire. Or you can incorporate white accents into a deep-hued room easily with a white custom picture frame.

Getting Started

You can create a space that speaks volumes. You don’t even need to go heavy on colors to create the effect you want. Placing a single accent color perfectly can totally transform the space. Using custom-framed artwork or photos can create a focal point that can’t be ignored. You don’t even have to redo a whole room to get the effect you desire. Choose a complementary hue for your room and add a few accessories in that color. Tabletop custom frames, pillows, artwork, or lamps can add the right amount of color to your décor.

Need Help Choosing Custom Frames?

Suburban Frames in Atlanta can help you with choosing custom frames. We have more than 50 years of experience and expertise that you can take advantage of! We will make sure you get the custom frame you want. We’ll help preserve your most cherished items using custom frames so you can display them safely for the world to enjoy with you. Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you!