Creative Ways to Use Custom Framed Instagram Photos

You put a lot of work into taking Instagram photos, don’t you? It took time to create the perfect balance of contrast and light. You carefully choose the right filter for every photo before posting it on your Instagram feed. But then what happens? A few days go by, and all your perfectly taken and edited photos are stuffed into a huge archive on your phone. You may or may not see them again for a long time. That is a lot of work to put into something that has just a brief time in the spotlight, don’t you think? What if you took out some of your favorite Instagram photos and dusted them off and found a way to display them in your home. You could show them off every single day. Take a look at these creative ways to get your great Instagram photos out of your phone and onto your wall.

Create a Rainbow Gallery Wall

Do you want to add a bold burst of color to your décor? Choose your favorite IG images and then use brightly colored custom frames to highlight each one. Select several photos that have one dominant color and choose custom frames to match. This makes a gorgeous, eye-catching gallery wall in any area of your Atlanta home. Another decorative option is to create an epic rainbow gallery wall. Choose a different bright color for each custom frame and make the whole wall pop with color!

Shelf or Desktop Custom Frames

If you just have a couple of favorite Instagram photos to showcase, consider creating a desktop or shelf standing frame out of them. A professional print job can do wonders for the simplest photos. Choose the size of custom frames you need for your desk or shelf display. At Suburban Frames, we can create custom frames of any size. (That’s why they are “custom.”) A photo sitting on a desk, side table, or on top of your piano can be a great way to display your Instagram photo-taking skills.

Turn Your Favorite Instagram Photos into a Collage

Custom collage frames help you keep all IG photo collections together in a single display. It’s also easier to move from one room to another than a whole gallery wall. Since you can design it just like you want it, a collage frame can hold any number of IG photos. Additionally, you can choose a custom frame that will match the décor of any room and provide a seamless look. You can go full color or create a stunning display in all black and white. Choose a neutral frame that goes with anything anywhere. Or choose a white frame and let your unique photos speak for themselves.

Let Suburban Frames in Atlanta Create Custom Frames for Your IG Photos

We have decades of experience at custom framing just about everything. So, whether you want to create a gallery wall of your Instagram photos, make them into a collage, or make a unique shelf or desktop display, we can help you achieve the look you want. What a great way to preserve the memories and photographs you worked so hard to create! Call us today and let us help you put your IG photos on display for the world to see.